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Time Warner Adds Premier League Extra Time But No Go On NBC Sports Live Extra

nbc epl commitment 600x340 Time Warner Adds Premier League Extra Time But No Go On NBC Sports Live Extra

If you’re a Time Warner customer and you watch the Premier League, it’s good news and bad news today. The good news is that Time Warner subscribers will have access to Premier League Extra Time, the service that provides overflow channels that will air the live Premier League matches that are not being shown on NBC Sports Network or other NBC channels. Thanks to all of the soccer fans who responded to our campaign to call Time Warner to demand access to the service.

The bad news is that, with eight days to go before the new season begins, both Time Warner and Brighthouse customers have not provided EPL fans with access to NBC Sports Live Extra. Time Warner and Brighthouse are the only two major US TV providers who have not offered their subscribers access to the service.

With NBC Sports Live Extra, soccer fans (with a paid TV subscription to NBC Sports Network) can access all 380 games on the web, smartphone and tablet devices. The service is being offered free-of-charge by NBC to TV providers who want to participate.

With so little time to go before the season kicks off, it’s decision time for Time Warner customers. If you want online access to all 380 games this season, you may want to consider switching to a different TV provider.

Here’s the list of TV providers who are offering access to NBC Sports Live Extra: AT&T U-verse, Cablevision’s Optimum, Charter, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DIRECTV, DISH, Suddenlink and Verizon FiOS.

Have questions? Read our helpful resource about everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League season for viewers in the US.

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61 Responses to Time Warner Adds Premier League Extra Time But No Go On NBC Sports Live Extra

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    Reading NBC press release they say that

    “AT&T U-verse, Cablevision’s Optimum, Charter, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DIRECTV, DISH, Suddenlink and Verizon FiOS will make all Premier League games available through TV Everywhere.”

    Is “TV everywhere” the same thing as the NBC Sports Extra app or is it something different?

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Same thing.

      • leafsfan1967 says:

        Thanks! I’m very grateful to you for all your work on keeping us posted on all of this. Your site has done a stellar job of keeping all of us up to speed!

      • kopite65 says:

        great news from TWC, what are the exra time channels?

        10 a.m.
        Extra Time

        10 a.m.

        Extra Time
        10 a.m.
        West Ham
        Extra Time
        10 a.m.
        West Brom
        Extra Time

        what are the extra time channels on TWC in NYC area, numbers please.

  2. cnl. onions says:


    Now, hopefully my cable box will be able to get them in HD(gets complicated for NBA League Pass and MLB Extra Innings)

  3. Michael says:

    I have Xfinity, but I don’t see Premier League Extra time. Is is supposed to just show up on the guide?

    • David G says:

      Knowing Comcast they won’t get the channels added before the start of the season

      • Chris in Dallas says:

        And don’t hold your breath for complete HD availability. Learned that the hard way thru the MLB package…

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Yes, as we get closer to 8/17.

    • Jose H. says:

      Premiere league extra time isn’t a single channel that’s added. It’s allowing for overflow games to be broadcast on other comcast/nbc owned channels like cnbc, mun2 and telemundo.

      • Jeff says:

        That’s not right. CNBC will air the occasional game while Telemundo/mun2 will air games in Spanish. Extra Time is using other channels to air the 10am ET games, much like packages such as MLB Extra Innnings, NBA League Pass, etc

  4. Les says:

    Has there been any word whether Verizon might actually offer Extra Time?

  5. goatslookshifty says:

    Time Warner just jacked up Internet prices $15-$20 just in time for the new season. Any effort made to save money is always cancelled out by another greedy company!

    • Guy says:

      I love how they print “Enjoy TWC Better” on your statement right above that news.

      Better than…

      listening to Gus Johnson for 90 minutes?

      root canal?

      having my fingernails ripped out?

  6. JeffJ says:

    Glad TWC added Extra Time. This is all I really need. I watch the games on TV. I have never watched online. If I’m away, I can just tape it. Now, I know that I can watch all 38 games of my team. That’s better than it was before with Fox. It will allow me to sample all the games at once. Still would be nice to have the NBCSports Live App, but if I could only have one, give me the Extra Time.

    • David G says:

      I haven’t found anything yet that says if NBC will ruin the results like ESPN used to. Hopefully not as it would make DVRing other games useless

  7. velija says:

    Regarding others who have NBC Sports LIve Extra, I have DirecTV and since it was announced (a couple of weeks ago) every time I go to the app on my tablet to verify my account DirecTV is not one of the providers. Anyone have any ideas on this or maybe a link to verify on a computer instead?

  8. ben says:

    Saw some commentary (hope it was incorrect) that the TWC Extra Time rollout might be regional as opposed to national. Have you heard anything similar or is your understanding that its for all TWC customers regardless of location?

  9. brn442 says:

    Why don’t content providers, in this case NBC, simply create an app/portal via Apple or Google TV? To help bypass this non-sense.

    Cable companies are beyond arrogant (the irony that NBC is owned by Comcast is not lost on me.)

    They want consumers to spent $$$ a month, except for the channels they may actually want.

    Hopefully – in a couple of years these things will go the way of $17 CD

  10. Michael says:

    It does look like a regional thing only at the moment.

  11. Vinit Shah says:

    I live in chicago suburb area and I have a cable of wow! and they are also offering live extra and extratime, but I am curious to know that how will extratime work? will it be just added to my channel list on August 17th?
    Please let me know.

  12. Matt in Texas says:

    I have seen this asked a couple times but never a direct answer-

    If I sleep in one morning and miss a game on Live Extra- will it be available to watch later at my leisure? Or is it only live streaming- you snooze you lose. If the latter is the case, this would be a huge step back for me…

    Say what you will about Fox/Espn the last couple years, but between Espn2,Foxsoccer, Foxsoccer+, and Espn Deportes the games weren’t all live, but I was always able to watch every single Fulham game and had the ability to DVR if I wasn’t home. I had the ability to catch all 10 games each week in full on my HDTV.

  13. Garn says:

    So I called Time Warner to make sure I had access to Premier League Extra Time with my current package. The guy seemed to be fumbling around and wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Finally I asked him if he knew what service I was talking about. His response:
    “I don’t know, I’m not a sports fan.”
    After I insisted he put me through to someone who could give me an answer he transferred me to a busy signal and a recording that said the number wasn’t in service.
    So basically I’m a week out and don’t know if I’ll be able to get the overflow matches.

    • jason says:

      If you have NBC Sports as part of your package, then you should get the overflow channels.

      I spoke to someone at TWC yesterday, and although she didn’t know much about Extra Time, she put me on hold for about 20 minutes to confirm with one of the more sports-savvy operators that we would get it.

      She also said that although the overflow channels haven’t been assigned yet, they would be in time for next Saturday. Oh, and that it should be available nationally, despite some suggestions to the contrary.

      • Guy says:

        Ahh, Jason, you are a savior. If this turns out to be true I’m going to name my next child…..wait……the wife says, “Never mind.” :-)

      • Garn says:

        Thanks Jason. I was wondering if that was the case. Good stuff.

        • jason says:

          I’m still not 100% confident until I actually see the channels added, but that’s the best response I’ve gotten from a TWC rep in the past few weeks, so I’m somewhat encouraged that she was telling the truth.

  14. Heath says:

    If the decision is regional, I am screwed. Our Kentucky/Tennessee, midlands whatever region ain’t too keen to soccer.

    Apparently we just like football and NASCAR. Ugh.

    I am happy to hear the overall news, but I am skeptical that when I turn on the TV on Saturday that it’ll be there.

  15. Greg says:

    Firstly, OMG, please stop the autoplay video adverts, for the love of all things holy, there are better ways to advertise surely? Why do you think people despise going to ESPN’s site?

    Secondly, about time, I’m not all fussed about the app access as NBC need to work on that thing badly, during times I was able to access it, it would crash out after 3 or 5 minutes every time, not great if you’re watching anything live.

    TWC earn a stay of execution for now, but I feel more increased fees are coming down the pike on top of the ludicrous modem lease fee

    • Guy says:

      From our friends at TWC:

      “Beginning with your next bill, there will be a change in some of the monthly retail prices of Time Warner Cable Internet services. The new stand-alone prices for Lite Internet will be $34.99 and Basic Internet $44.99. The new Turbo price will be Standard Internet plus $10.00. The new Extreme price will be Standard Internet plus $20.00. The new Ultimate price will be Standard plus $50.00. If you are currently in an Internet bundle, your prices may be affected. If you are currently receiving a promotional price, your prices may not be affected at this time.”

      Proving that you can always count on TWC for some things.

  16. dwaszoo says:

    How does this Extra Time work ? Is it all accessed from the NBC Sports channel ? How do you find the game you want ? ANone know ?

  17. Jeff Davis says:

    Does anyone have any new updates re: TWC and if they are going to offer the Sports Live extra app for NYC customers?

  18. Guy says:

    This was posted yesterday on TWC Community Forums from a guy in Syracuse:

    “hey, i just checked and my channel lineup just came up today for the Premier League Extra Time – its called/shows it as NBCEXT1HD- NBCEX5HD between channel 420-424. i don’t know where your location is but am in Syracuse, NY… Now lets hope they would carry it on the NBC sports Live extra app so we can watch it anywhere when not at home.. TWC try and get on this.. one down one to go.

    I checked, but nothing here in eastern NC….yet.

  19. Mark says:

    Do you need to have the sports pass with TWC to get the Premier League Extra Time content ?

  20. forzelazio says:

    According to the dish site, nbc sport (the basic deal, nevermind the extra stuff) is in the top tier as opposed to fsw which was on the lowest. Is this true of all the other cable outfits now?

    Is there a lower-priced alternative to a 90$+/month cable bill (last years 10-1-week epl matches were available for 60$/mo)?

    • Guy says:

      Geez! You know how to make a guy feel good. I pay TWC $66 a month, taxes and fees included, and get full digital tier channels PLUS the Sports Pass.

      Remind me to stop trashing my friends at TWC! ;-)

  21. Jason says:

    Time Warner in Western NY has EPL Extra Time starting on channel 1530

  22. dave says:

    Dish tell me that they do not be carrying the channels that NBC will be broadcasting extra time on, because of the short notice
    they got from NBC. Sounds like rubbish to me

    • Christopher Harris says:

      I agree Dave. DISH has had the same notice as DirecTV. Yet DirecTV has their channels and online access all set up and ready for Saturday. It’s a poor excuse by DISH — blaming NBC instead of admitting they dropped the ball.

  23. Chris Tipton says:

    Time Warner cable in Dallas-Fort Worth has the Extra Time channels assigned now. They start at Channel 1100 and go up from there. They already have the crests of the clubs playing, along with the game info, on the screens.

  24. steve says:

    Just got off of chat with a worker at Oceanic Time Warner in Hawaii. I’m confused out here because Oceanic Time Warner online lineups show EPL matches on 4 ‘new’ NBC EXT channels (270-274), yet they’re not on my cable menus. The analyst kept referring me to FoxSports1 (sigh) and I had to tediously explain that NBC and its various channels now carry EPL. Anyway, he finally said that Oceanic TW’s online lineups are erroneous and that they will not carry the NBCEXT channels. Bummer. We only get NBCSN and any game that might come break through normal NBC programming. So basically we’ll get to see less games on NBC than we did with our Fox Sports package. What was the point, NBC!?!

  25. Joe M says:

    Will TWC customers be able to watch replays of the games online even though they dont have access to the live online streams

  26. wayne says:

    Time Warner in N.KY are not showing extra time. Customer service had no idea what it was. As usual,TW screws us over.Time to change provider……never to return!!!!
    In the meantime,I miss the opening day game of my beloved WBA :(

  27. pissed says:

    I live in riverside county in california what is the deal woth the epl games and time warner ? I only got to watch swansea vs man u on normal nbc channel is time warner going to show all the games on tv or am I going to have to pay extra to get all the games ??? I dont want to misss season someone help please

  28. Nour says:

    Can’t find Extra Time on TWC line-up in Cincinnati, OHIO. Anybody has the # or know if/when they’ll be on ? TX !!!

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