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SAT, 2:30PM ET

Programming Reminder: NBC Sports Network Launches 2 Original EPL Programs Tonight

NBC Sports logo Programming Reminder: NBC Sports Network Launches 2 Original EPL Programs Tonight

Be sure to tune in to NBC Sports Network tonight for the launch of NBC’s first two original EPL programs — Premier League Club Guide and Premier League Countdown.

Premier League Club Guide debuts at 7:30pm ET and is then followed by Premier League Countdown at 8:30pm ET. The first show will feature Rebecca Lowe and Kyle Martino taking a look at all 20 clubs. The show will help people who don’t have a team to pick a side. It includes guest appearances by Men In Blazers, Michelle Beadle, Football Four Eyes and others.

The second show, Premier League Countdown, will feature Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe taking a look at the top ten storylines for the upcoming season.

After a whirlwind of news today from NBC Sports about its Premier League coverage for the upcoming season, be sure to watch the new shows live tonight or set your DVR to get your first impression of NBC’s coverage of the Barclays Premier League.

I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly excited — not just to see NBC’s coverage of the Premier League, but also to see the return of Rebecca Lowe to US TV screens.

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49 Responses to Programming Reminder: NBC Sports Network Launches 2 Original EPL Programs Tonight

  1. Guy says:

    Actually, Premier League World was on first at 7:00 and had some interesting feature stories that I really enjoyed.

  2. Christopher Harris says:

    Very revealing that NBC Sports in the Premier League Club Guide gave a very short segment to Liverpool. Even Stoke were mentioned before them.

  3. christian says:

    Loving this club selection show. Even though it’s not new information for me it’s presenting information in a very entertaining fashion. If this is a glimpse into how NBC is going to handle the Premier League then I think we’re in for some excellent stuff.

  4. Guy says:

    Martino was fine. Lowe’s influence may be the magic ingredient.

  5. Guy says:

    Well, I love the demeanor of Lowe, Earle and Mustoe. No yucking it up, just sound information and opinion. Imagine that!

  6. Wongo1 says:

    Watching the shows and they are quality to this point. Let’s see what else NBC will roll out. All I can say is good start.

  7. CTBlues says:

    I think Colin Cowherd’s toolish ways rubbed off onto Beadle while they were hosts on Sports Nation. I like ManU because I like winners and because they won last year. Now I could careless if someone likes ManU but those are your two reasons please I bet she didn’t even watch one game of ManU last year, but now that NBC has the rights she has too.

  8. Chris in Dallas says:

    Halfway thru ‘Premier League Countdown’ and finding it to be outstanding. Well informed, reasonable well thought out opinions and good breadth of topics. Well done.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Same here Chris. I’ve been a big fan of Robbie Mustoe, Robbie Earle and Rebecca Lowe for a long time. They elevate the coverage of the Premier League instead of the jokes, giggling and rambling from FOX.

  9. jtm371 says:

    Very Professional treating us like adults.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Informative, but not dumbed down. Behind the scenes, a lot of work has been put into making everything look and feel so perfect.

  10. Guy says:

    I’ll take Earle’s flyer on Stoke’s Brek Shea, “Could be a poor man’s Gareth Bale.” :-)

  11. Guy says:

    What a great set of shows. Assuming that’s an indication of what we can expect week in and week out, we are in for a treat.

    I have never given much attention to the studio segments, but I believe that is about to change.

  12. DiscoBallsDeep says:

    American EPL fans are in good hands. So excited for next weekend.

  13. Gooner4Cord says:

    With the NBC sport live extra app … I can’t pick directv as my provider and sign in to see stuff?

  14. Frill Artist says:

    Great programming. Watching the replay right now.

  15. jtm371 says:

    i am jealous of the Crystal Palace piece.

  16. Chris says:

    I am in love with Rebecca Lowe. I remember when I first saw her on ESPN Pregame and Halftime for the EPL I was taken back by her :). Michelle Beadle. I dont care for her humor. Was not even funny. It was rather annoying to be honest.

  17. MrD5000 says:

    Great show, professional, good start leading up to the new season.

  18. Dave says:

    Rebecca Lowe is very easy on the eyes.

  19. Cantona says:

    Lowe, Mustoe and Earle NAILED IT!

    Finally a team really knowledgeable about football and having intelligent discussion… Great job really looking forward to the new season. This puts Fox’s laugh and tickle fest pre/post show to shame.



  20. Adam says:

    Really nice job by NBC. I was not expecting it to be that well done. I guess I’m used to Fox’s drivel. Great job NBC, can’t wait for the start of the season.

  21. mg says:

    Team guide. Parts of it were cringeworthy, overall okay and some chuckling moments.

  22. dust says:

    So pleased I missed this show, from all the positive reviews and commentary sounds like it was terrible…

    HEY NBC, how about a replay not at 5am pacific…there are 60M OF US ON PACIFIC TIME ZONE…CMON!!

    CAPS lock off now…

    I said Rebecca would be a hit and Kyle should be given another chance…

  23. CTBlues says:

    NBC proper will be showing Premier League Club Guide and Premier League Countdown between 4 and 6 PM EST today.

  24. MrMee says:

    Just a point of correction, the Premier League Countdown show is actually live and not recorded or on replay. Great job by NBC though, this is a real statement of intent and NBC is going all in on soccer…

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