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Charter and Cox Cable Add NBC Sports Live Extra Access for EPL Games

nbc epl1 Charter and Cox Cable Add NBC Sports Live Extra Access for EPL Games

Charter and Cox Cable have joined the list of TV providers in the United States who will be offering access to NBC Sports Live Extra in time for the 2013-14 Premier League season, which will provide online access (via web, tablet and mobile devices) to all 380 Premier League matches with a TV subscription to NBC Sports Network.

According to sources, Charter and DirecTV will go live with the NBC Sports Live Extra access on August 14. Cox went live yesterday.

To date, the list of TV providers offering access to NBC Sports Live Extra are AT&T U-verse, Cablevision’s Optimum, Charter, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DIRECTV, DISH, Suddenlink and Verizon FiOS.

Meanwhile, the following TV providers will offer access to Premier League Extra Time, the overflow TV channels where viewers can watch the Premier League games not being shown on NBC Sports Network or the other NBC networks: AT&T U-verse®, Bright House Networks, Cablevision’s Optimum, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DIRECTV, DISH, Mediacom, Suddenlink, and Time Warner Cable.

Additionally, over 100 NCTC partners have either signed-on to the Premier League Extra Time package or have opted-in via TV Everywhere, including Blue Ridge Communications, Buckeye CableSystem, CenturyLink Prism, and RCN. In some cases, the Premier League Extra Time package will be available in select markets.

Have questions? Read our helpful resource about everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League season for viewers in the US.


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34 Responses to Charter and Cox Cable Add NBC Sports Live Extra Access for EPL Games

  1. jason says:

    Time Warner is on board now? When did that happen?

    Also, how do we know what the overflow channels will be?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Time Warner has finally come to their senses? Is this confirmed?

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Yes for Premier League Extra Time.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks, it’s something at least. We attempted to switch to Dish but have a treeline (neighbours) issue so that leaves us with Uverse, which isn’t our favoured option (because of other channels they don’t offer). Nice to have a partial solution whilst we see how everything nets out with Fox sports 1, 2, etc.

        Thanks, Chris, for all of your updates,question answering, etc on this topic–much appreciated.

  3. joegrind says:

    Has anyone had any luck live streaming from the app? I have 3 Android devices (2 of which are on Android 4.3) and Live Extra freezes up/ Force Closes when trying to watch their “live” shows, which for now is only Golf Channel. I’ve only tried it on my home wi-fi. I’m a Comcast subscriber on VZW fwiw.

    • joegrind says:

      Reading the reviews on Google Play, it looks like newer Android devices don’t support Flash which is what Live Extra uses. They need some HTML5 love.

  4. leafsfan1967 says:

    I keep checking the app and have been disappointed not to see DirecTV there yet, so
    I’m very glad to hear that DirecTV is going live on the 14th. Does anyone know what is causing the delay?

  5. David G says:

    So this extra is just an app and not a channel?

    The app doesn’t work for most people according to reviews

  6. bourga says:

    do we have any idea what channels extra time are on for a given providor? anyone know the at&t channels for example?

  7. San Fransiscan says:


  8. Mohammad B. says:

    any news on Charter getting the Premier League Extra Time?

  9. abc says:

    if somebody has only cable service from Cox and not TV, will they also have access to NBC Sports Live Extra ?

  10. ToneTime says:

    Any word if Verizon Fios will have the Premier League Extra Time overflow channels?
    I see that they will have the NBC sports LIVE extra. I am moving and want both. At this point it looks like I need to go with Comcast.

    • Nick says:

      As of today, it doesn’t sound like FiOS will be adding the PL Extra Time channels. I contacted Verizon about this issue, and it sounded like they thought it was enough to just offer the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

  11. LaticsFan says:

    I can’t seem to find any info about Cox signing up for PL Extra Time.

  12. John says:

    The Live Extra app is now working with DirecTV credentials, as predicted for today. :)

  13. Dave says:

    Wow, just tried to snag the android app today from Google Play store. I scrolled through the reviews (maybe ~100 of the most recent) and no more than 2 reviews were more than 1 star. Even so, one was a 2 star review, and one was a 3 star (although they said it crashed all the time).

    Apparently the app just doesn’t work flat out for android.

    Anyone know if the regular PC/browser version works ok?

    I find it hard to believe they created an android app that doesn’t function at all.

    • Footie says:

      I’ve tried the Android app for over a week now. EVERY time (I’m not exaggerating) after using it for maybe 1.5 minutes it locks up solid. Live Extra on PC works I guess, but it seems to be limited, with no Replay section. NBC taking over the US PL rights is a joke.

  14. Steven P. says:

    Is Premier League Extra Time confirmed on Cox New England? Cannot find it on their TV channel lineup. I live in CT.

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