Suarez, Rooney and Bale Suffering From Mystery Injury Outbreak in England

Is it any coincidence that the three Premier League clubs who have players involved in the biggest EPL transfer stories this summer have ruled their players out from important friendlies due to “injury problems”?

Yesterday, Manchester United ruled out Wayne Rooney from today’s friendly in Sweden because they said the striker had suffered a “shoulder injury” during a closed-door friendly against Real Betis.

At the weekend, Tottenham Hotspur ruled Gareth Bale out of the AS Monaco friendly because of a “minor muscle injury” that he’s had the past two weeks.

And now today we learn that Luis Suarez has pulled out of Liverpool’s friendly in Norway due to a “foot injury.”

If anyone has a cure for this mystery injury outbreak in England, please contact your local authorities.

7 thoughts on “Suarez, Rooney and Bale Suffering From Mystery Injury Outbreak in England”

  1. Probably the same affliction that Chelsea and Man United players contract the week before scheduled international friendlies.

  2. I don’t deal in conspiracy theories. I like to deal in fact. Rule applies to all 3 players in question.

    Re Suarez – if he was staying home with Skrtel, Downing and Coates I’d start to question the validity of the injury but considering the players staying back with him are Skrtel, Agger and Johnson I’ll refrain from passing judgement.

    As a side note – Suarez did have a separate training session from the other lads at the very end of the open session the other day once he’d finished the group session so injury could very much be valid. He’s played a part in every other pre-season set-up after returning from international duty so no reason to break the mould now, even if he does end up going.

    Nice try though but you must try harder next time 😉

  3. Gah. I think I just received the same mysterious injury syndrome. Totally hurt my finger getting coffee.

    Better not work.

    Two weeks should do.


    Hurts. O m g. Hurts so badddd

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