NBC Replaces Gareth Bale Times Square Billboard With ‘Don’t Call It Soccer’ Ad [PHOTO]

NBC Sports yesterday replaced their Gareth Bale billboard in New York Times Square with a brand-new advertisement to promote its coverage of the Premier League on US television and Internet.

The new billboard features a “Don’t call it soccer” design by English street artist D*Face. While the new artwork is certainly newsworthy, the bigger story is the timing of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale being removed from the advertisement — within 24 hours of Tottenham Hotspur removing a picture of Bale and Clint Dempsey from its official Twitter account.

According to a NBC Sports spokesperson, the decision to swap out the Bale billboard was always intended to change. In a July 22nd interview in Sports Business Daily, it was reported that NBC planned to change its messaging during the course of the one-year contract to rent out the advertising space.

Either NBC Sports knows something we don’t, or they were planning on rotating the billboard ads to keep the campaign fresh, we don’t know. But it’s concerning news for Tottenham Hotspur supporters, but continued great news for soccer fans Stateside.

The “Don’t call it soccer” slogan fits in with NBC’s “It’s football, just not as we know it” messaging that they’ve been using lately to promote its coverage.

In case you missed it, here are two photos of the original Gareth Bale billboard in Times Square.

16 thoughts on “NBC Replaces Gareth Bale Times Square Billboard With ‘Don’t Call It Soccer’ Ad [PHOTO]”

      1. Tottenham Hotspur ‏@SpursOfficial 3h
        We’ve been delighted with the response to the Gareth Bale NBC billboard in Times Square @nyspurs #THFC

        Tottenham Hotspur ‏@SpursOfficial 3h
        The two-week campaign was so popular that it was extended by a further fortnight, which ends today @NYSpurs #THFC

        Tottenham Hotspur ‏@SpursOfficial 2h
        Changing our Twitter background seems to have created a bit of a frenzy. With Clint leaving the Club, it was time for an image change #THFC

        Tottenham Hotspur ‏@SpursOfficial 2h
        Gareth was on that background too. Did anyone notice? We change our social media backgrounds regularly and feature all players. #THFC

        They are trolling you people at this point. I’m not saying Bale is definitely staying, just like I won’t say he’s definitely gone. But trying to read into all these minor acts is idiotic and a joke of an attempt at journalism, especially with Chris trying to shoehorn a possible Bale transfer into this story.

        1. Fair enough, but removing Bale’s pic at this time was just throwing gas on the fire. Not “real” brilliant if you want a story to go away.

  1. Stick up a picture of the man who created the world’s first football league in 1888, the magnificent William McGregor of Aston Villa.

    NBC are doing a great job so far.

  2. I thought Rooney would have been more recognizable in US/NYC than Bale, just as well that they didn’t put him on billboard since he looks like not to be staying at ManU

    1. Probably because Rooney has a face that could stop a clock, and he’s not even close to being one of the best players in the league anymore.

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