Watch the Full 4-Minute Video of ‘An American Coach in London’ NBC’s EPL Film [VIDEO]

We laughed, chuckled and loved yesterday’s two short promos by former SNL comedian Jason Sudeikis as Tottenham manager Ted Lasso. Now even better news is that NBC Sports has released the complete, unedited 4-minute version of the new Tottenham coach in action, and here it is.

Watch ‘An American Coach in London’:

12 thoughts on “Watch the Full 4-Minute Video of ‘An American Coach in London’ NBC’s EPL Film [VIDEO]”

  1. Even better than the short clip. I think he’s destined to be a rugby coach….or maybe not:

    “Touchdown!” (that’s a Try, coach)

    “Whoo! 6 points!” (umm, 5 coach)

    “Would you throw the freakin’ ball forward just once!” (coach….)

  2. This is completely awesome.

    I’m not quite sure where they get Jennifer Lawrence from, but a google image search certainly does not offend me.

    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I really didn’t know who she was. I pretty much just read about football and finance.)

    1. Same here Marc. I didn’t know who Jennifer Lawrence was, which shows how much soccer I watch on television. Admittedly, I didn’t know who Gus Johnson was either until FOX announced he was going to commentate his first soccer game.

    2. You both need to go out more or get a Netflix account. The chick won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook this year, has been in X-Men Origins and The Hunger Games.

      Lord have mercy.

  3. Bang on target. I’ve been hearing these same jokes for years from yanks. This clip was a hilarious take on the way many Americans see the game of Football. Well done NBC, ‘Totnum’ and JS.

  4. Tonight during NBC’s broadcast of the NFL/Hall of Fame Game at 8:00 PM ET (Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins), NBC will air two 30-second TV spots featuring former Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis as Coach Lasso, the new manager of Tottenham.

  5. Good piece. I will point out in the NFL you can have a tie and there was one last year.

    On the other hand I think this bit is the fear of every Englishman about American ownership in the EPL.

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