NBC Advertises Premier League Rivalries On New York City Subway [PHOTOS]

NBC Sports is continuing to promote its coverage of the upcoming Premier League season that kicks off on August 17. Its latest promotion effort is on the New York City subway where they’ve added wraps inside and outside of subway cars to promote two famous derbies in English soccer — Manchester City versus Manchester United, and Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur.

Commuters who ride the Times Square Shuttle in New York City may have seen the promotions. On the Manchester-themed subway car, half of the car is emblazoned in red with the words “Keep Calm and Pick Man United,” while the other half is in blue and features the words “Keep Calm and Pick Man City.” Inside the car, half of it is themed in Manchester United colors, while the rest are in City colors.

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You can see the Arsenal and Tottenham subway car below where commuters entering the subway car are faced with either sitting in the red section (Arsenal) or the blue section (Spurs). On the roof of the car, it reads “Keep Calm and Pick A Side.” Even the seats have the club crests, so you can literally pick a side.

As someone who has worked in marketing for 16 years, this is an absolutely brilliant marketing promotion. Even if I wasn’t a soccer fan, I’d be impressed with this. Congratulations to NBC Sports on a well thought out campaign to get the word out to commuters in New York (and now the rest of the country) that the Premier League is coming!

Here’s everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League. Plus, watch all of the promotional videos NBC Sports has released and here’s a photo of the Premier League billboard NBC posted in Times Square.

25 thoughts on “NBC Advertises Premier League Rivalries On New York City Subway [PHOTOS]”

  1. Very cool.

    But what on earth is that subway map at the top with the wrong colors and listing of trains stopping at stations at which they do not stop?

      1. Really? I’ve lived in and around NYC since I was born (44 years ago). I’ve seen some older maps, but this just looks off. I’m due for a trip to the Transit Museum, anyway. I’ll see if I can spot it there.

        1. That’s the classic 1970s NYC subway map designed by Massimo Vignelli. That’s the map I used to learn my way around on the subways as a kid. I’m a few years older than you, though.

  2. Are you kidding? These are quite clearly fake. You only have to have used Microsoft Paint about a dozen times to realise that.

    Or am I missing a joke? I re-read the article, and it definitely doesn’t suggest anything other than these photos being real.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

      1. Cmon, you’re kidding right?

        They are very clearly not real. There’s no perspective definition on the second image, and you can see alongside the pillar in the first image where the image has been superimposed as there is a slight gap.


        1. Sorry, I thought you were joking.

          The photographs are real. I spoke to someone yesterday who said he saw the wraps in the New York Subway, and I confirmed with NBC Sports that this is part of their promotion for the league. The photos are from NBC Sports.

          The gap you see is one of the white poles that’s in the shot.

          1. They might be fake now, but they are going to be real. Or, they are real currently but the images they are using are photoshopped. It’s pretty much how advertising works now; you get good stock images then you put the art on digitally to mock the lock because having these affixed to train cars THEN shot by a professional photographer empty (which they’d never be) is considerably more expensive.

            Open any magazine and look at the products, everything looks ‘fake’, that doesn’t mean those aren’t real products.

  3. As someone born in NJ, and lived in Brooklyn for 8 years….this is fing awesome. As an American who loves international football, if this doesn’t make a statement as to how far the game has come, I don’t know what does.

    f yeah.


  4. Well coool and good promoting. But I am not a fan of the so called pick a team and follow. I mean. That seems to be the American way but there will be no connection at all to a team or anything when a person thats new to a football will watch the EPL this year. They want you to just a pick team cause you like the club crest or something. That is just all wierd to me. Whats wrong with just enjoying the league and watching all games ? Maybe that could make a person want live in England and actually go to England then properly support a club ?

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