John W Henry Wants to Sell Liverpool Just 3 Years After Buying Club: Nightly Soccer Report

Reports appeared in the British tabloid media Saturday morning that Liverpool FC owner John W Henry wants to sell his prized asset for £350million just three years after taking over the Anfield club.

Disillusioned with ownership, The Mail reports that “Liverpool are ‘unofficially’ on the market with three parties, one Saudi oil company and two American billionaires, interested in a purchase.”

“They went into this to make money but the club hasn’t got into Europe, flopped in the league and spent well over £100m on transfers,” says a source.

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15 thoughts on “John W Henry Wants to Sell Liverpool Just 3 Years After Buying Club: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Had to start being stretched since the Red Sox have been down for a little while. I can understand that decision though.

  2. I really can’t believe that this would be anywhere near true. You don’t save a team from administration and from the hands of Tom Hicks to try to make money. You don’t spend 35MM GBP on Andy Carroll if you are trying to make money. I can understand frustration at the likes of City/PSG/Monaco spending ridiculous money, but these guys have other sports teams. They know success neither immediate nor constant.

    1. Yeah, they have poured way too much cash into the team at this point. Of course, saw “The Sun” mentioned as a source.

  3. i have thought the club would get sold ifa offer came in for months now, they will say it is not for sale but i dont believe that i hope if it does get sold its not to a american who thinks its about putting 50 pence in and getting 100 mil out

  4. Denied strongly by the club in a press release. Doubt Henry would have been tweeting to rile up Arsenal if he was having talks to sell the club.
    I also highly doubt they would be spending money and time slowly removing obstacles to rebuilding Anfield. If you are about to sell then you pass on to them the decision to rebuild or go with a new stadium.
    The $*n as a source is never a good idea as well.

  5. Did you decide to leave out the quotes that say

    “Fenway Sports Group has made its position clear, Liverpool Football Club is not for sale. There is no truth in this story. Like so many rumours in the past about a sale of Liverpool Football Club, there is absolutely no truth in this. We have had no meetings with anyone about a sale, we don’t know who the source of the rumour is.”

    Now that’s not to say the club won’t ever be sold as I’m sure it will, but you could have painted the whole picture, no? Or are you more concerned with continually writing your attention grabbing headlines? Oh, and selling out to make this site one big advertisement? Being forced to watch videos before you can read articles now so you can get cash for clicks? What a joke.

    1. When the article was published last night by The Sun, FSG had not yet released their statement to say that the club is not for sale. The whole picture was only what was reported in The Sun and The Mail at that time.

      Last night’s article on World Soccer Talk was published at midnight US time/5am UK time. The statement by Fenway Sports Group was published by PA Sport at 3:45am US time/8:45am UK time.

      1. Maybe that’s a heads up to wait for the facts before jumping in with the attention grabbing headlines in future?

        I take it you’ll be adding the actual quotes to the above “story”?

        1. Paul, I include quotes (when available) in most stories I write.

          When the article was posted last night US time, Liverpool FC nor Fenway Sports Group had not published a statement in response. I should have mentioned that FSG had not yet made a statement last night, yes.

  6. Liverpool don’t seem to be having much luck with American owners. The good news is when FSG sells, maybe Liverpool can stop wearing those horrible Warrior kits.

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