Mourinho Admits Frank Lampard Will Have To Be Used More Sparingly at Chelsea: Nightly Soccer Report

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted that Frank Lampard will be used more sparingly in the upcoming season.

Lampard, 35, will continue to be a key influence for Chelsea in the 2013-14 season, but he won’t be playing as many games as he did during the 2012-13 season. Mourinho said:

“The role doesn’t have to change. What has to change is the way we analyze competition. Before we didn’t analyze. Before it was: ‘Every match, he plays.’ Sometimes I wanted to give him a rest in a League Cup match and he would say: ‘If you give me a rest, the next match I will not be the same because I have to play every three days.’

“In this moment we have just to analyze competition and make some choices, because I believe he is the same player, with the difference that he is 35 and the time [needed] to recover from match to match is not the same for a man of 35 to a man of 25. That’s the only point. Now we have to analyze the fixtures, analyze the matches, analyze the week we have and to make a few choices.

“Frank can’t play 60 matches like he did before, but the quality of the player and what he represents for the way I like to play football is exactly the same. He’s intelligent, he’s open, he has a very good relationship with me. He knows that I’m very experienced and he knows what I did, for example, with Makelele here in the last two years of Makelele [when the Frenchman played 87 times for the club as he approached his mid-30s]. He knows I know how to do it with players of his age, because at the end of the day we have to be just clever, because the player is the same.”

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