Chelsea Make Bid For Real Madrid Striker Gonzalo Higuain; ‘Mourinho Wants Me There’

Chelsea have made a bid for Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain, according to a report in the Spanish media.

The bid, which is reportedly around £34million, comes on the heels of Chelsea offering a bid of £20million for Wayne Rooney on Tuesday.

Higuain has told his closest advisors that “Mourinho wants me there,” as reported by AS newspaper.

If Higuain joins Chelsea, the 25-year-old Argentinian striker will be manager Jose Mourinho who coached the player while he was at Real Madrid.

Higuain has been one of the hottest transfer stories this summer with Arsenal reportedly very close to signing the player, while Napoli have come in with a late bid. Plus there were reports that Real Madrid were trying to do a deal with Tottenham to bring Higuain to White Hart Lane.

11 thoughts on “Chelsea Make Bid For Real Madrid Striker Gonzalo Higuain; ‘Mourinho Wants Me There’”

  1. lol this isnt true…

    and Rooney is better anyway…

    LOL…unreal..Mourinho comes out and says Rooney is our only target and to bully prices with Juve Hig chimes in. what a load of rubbish, how much game time did he get over Benze at real under jose?

    almost as rubbish as papers Saying Utd have bid 60m for Rooney and expect to land him…

    paper trash!

  2. Higuain is such a frustrating player. he gets so many chances thanks to his great instincts. His runs are great and his passing/dribbling is great.

    But he seems to squander almost every chance he gets for himself.
    Its frankly annoying.

    1. the stats say otherwise.
      Higuain has one of the highest conversion rates (goals:shots-on-goal:shots) of any striker out there

  3. Higuain is a great player, who will score bucket loads at Chelsea, and is probably worth the £35m,rather than the paltry £22m Arsenal offered. He still won’t be Jose Mourinhno.

  4. I wonder what Gonzalo is thinking. Jose had him at Real and didn’t use him very often. What makes him think he’ll get more playing time at Stamford Bridge?

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