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Wayne Rooney is “Angry and Confused” At The Way Manchester United Are Treating Him

wayne rooney Wayne Rooney is Angry and Confused At The Way Manchester United Are Treating Him

Wayne Rooney is “angry and confused” by the way he’s been treated by Manchester United, according to a source close to the footballer.

The report on Sky Sports News added that Rooney is open to a move to London, which will certainly interest fans of Chelsea Football Club and Arsenal.

Rooney is particularly confused by the conflicting messages he’s reading in the media. Manchester United manager David Moyes initially said that Rooney would not be sold, which was followed by by remarks saying that he must play second fiddle to Robin van Persie. Meanwhile, Manchester United’s new chief executive Edward Woodward says that Rooney won’t be offered an extension to his contract deal.

While Manchester United are playing hardball with Rooney, Rooney’s camp is pushing back and sending a strong signal to other clubs that there’s an opportunity for someone to come in and sign him if Rooney is angry and confused at the way he’s been treated by Man United.

Sky Sports News reports that they’ve been talking to a source close to Wayne Rooney, which is most probably his agent. Hence the way Rooney is feeding the media with his current position and concerns regarding his career at United.

The saga continues.

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18 Responses to Wayne Rooney is “Angry and Confused” At The Way Manchester United Are Treating Him

  1. James Grimble says:

    This guy is the biggest **** in football.

  2. Pete Q says:

    As a United supporter, I’m growing tired of Rooney and his posse.

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Now he knows how Colleen feels.

  4. AY says:

    Pls let him leave….tired of reading bout his imminent transfer

  5. Marc L says:

    “Rooney is particularly confused by the conflicting messages he’s reading in the media.”

    Wait, what? He can read?

  6. Guy says:

    omg. I had go run for my kleenex.

  7. Bobby says:

    You have to understand the Manchester United history of finding the best,using them until they decide they have past their best and then moving them on. The fact that Rooney wants to move on and continue to play instead of playing second fiddle should not be criticized. I am sure plenty of clubs are willing to pay comparable wages and extended contract. He has to look at his own interest, its not like UNited care. Remember Van nistelrooy, Berbatov etc.

    • Foxy_Woxy says:

      Berbatov getting shuffled off was a pretty stupid move, frankly. For what, Welbeck’s ineffectiveness?

      Plenty of gas left in that tank.

  8. Bishopville Red says:

    Dear Wayne,

    You’re paid an exorbitant amount of money. In return, you do what the manager says.

    Where’s the confusion?


    The 99.9%

  9. Pete Q says:

    I don’t know what upset me more…Rooney being “sad and confused” at United (while making 250-300,000 pounds a week)…or Ronaldo being “sad” at Madrid (while making 225-250,000 pounds a week).

  10. Mufc77 says:

    The Rooney drama is getting old quick but Rooneys agent is a piece of $hit so I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  11. Prinz says:

    This is the same guy who handed in a transfer request in 2010 because
    THE CLUB AMBITION DID’NT MATCH HIS, using that as a leverage to get a huge pay rise, now fast forward to 2013 and ironically the club has bought good players who are keeping him out of the starting xi and now he wants out.
    If Rooney wants out let him hand in a transfer request with another LACK OF AMBITION HEADLINE.
    Wardwood did the right thing, if for anything it shows that no player would hold the club to ransom.

    Best Believe That.

  12. Wongo1 says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Allow me to clear up some of your “confusion” and thereby lessening your “anger”.

    Your agent Captain Slimebag suggest to you back in 2010 that you were the jewel in the United crown and therefore you should be making double the salary of the next highest player. Not being too bright and with Mr. Slimebag shopping you to the Blue clowns you went ahead and question the team’s ambition.

    Well Wayne you should have known better than to cross the old man, you of all people know how it is with him, when he loves you he LOVES you, but screw him over and he will get his own back.

    Well the old man took his time and he bought a couple superstars, both of which can play YOUR favoured positions and with your crappy training habits, your awful attention to your body, please see the smoking and drinking, and your bad attitude they were both sure to make you look bad and you know what they both did. Kagawa barely played but when he did he made you look average and well RVP what can you say pure class.

    Now you are unhappy because these players are put ahead of you and all of a sudden you are dazed, angry and confused LMFAO.

    Wayne as a United fan I salute what you have done for the club but also as a United fan I say to you F— Off because NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN UNITED!!! You have had your say and now United will have theirs.

    If I were you I would fire that idiot of an agent and get your butt back to being a star but hey I am not you and knowing you, you will blame everyone but yourself for this mess. Please see Grannies as exhibit A.

  13. Frill Artist says:

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

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