Wayne Rooney is “Angry and Confused” At The Way Manchester United Are Treating Him

Wayne Rooney is “angry and confused” by the way he’s been treated by Manchester United, according to a source close to the footballer.

The report on Sky Sports News added that Rooney is open to a move to London, which will certainly interest fans of Chelsea Football Club and Arsenal.

Rooney is particularly confused by the conflicting messages he’s reading in the media. Manchester United manager David Moyes initially said that Rooney would not be sold, which was followed by by remarks saying that he must play second fiddle to Robin van Persie. Meanwhile, Manchester United’s new chief executive Edward Woodward says that Rooney won’t be offered an extension to his contract deal.

While Manchester United are playing hardball with Rooney, Rooney’s camp is pushing back and sending a strong signal to other clubs that there’s an opportunity for someone to come in and sign him if Rooney is angry and confused at the way he’s been treated by Man United.

Sky Sports News reports that they’ve been talking to a source close to Wayne Rooney, which is most probably his agent. Hence the way Rooney is feeding the media with his current position and concerns regarding his career at United.

The saga continues.


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