Gareth Bale Featured On UK Cover Of FIFA 14 [PHOTOS] & [VIDEO]

EA Sports have unveiled the UK cover of FIFA 14, which will feature Gareth Bale alongside Lionel Messi.

Bale, who’s already the poster boy of the Premier League after being featured on a giant billboard in New York Times Square, is featured on the new FIFA 14 game that will be released this September.

Here are photos and a video from Gareth Bale’s work with EA Sports to capture his footballing movements in the game:

5 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Featured On UK Cover Of FIFA 14 [PHOTOS] & [VIDEO]”

  1. LoL…it’s this commercial aspect that means his price will be huge…

    This season is massive…UCL will mean he stays for sure, Levy & Baldini will pay him what he wants and negotiate a more favorable split of media rights for Gareth. I think Ronaldo give 50 percent of image rights to Real Madrid, to keep bale, get UCL, pay him 180k and give him 60% of image rights.

    He has worked hard and performed, he deserves all he can get. It’s great to see him next to Messi.

    I don’t see a Farsenal shirt, or CFC, or Man Utd Shirt on the cover….times are changing!

    Congrats Gareth!


    1. Dust, can you write for this site? You already have me clicking on anything related to the Spuds to read your ramblings and most of it makes me howl with laughter. We need some laughter every now and then and your nonsense is perfect!

  2. Is there a way for Americans to get this cover? I dont want the cover with the 4th choice Wanc Utd striker on it. lol

    Congrats Bale! COYS!

  3. I had a real suspicion Bale would be in this. Great exposure for Spurs…

    and gasp (hand quickly covering mouth) there is no
    Ars-anal Manure or Chelski players to be found!

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