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What Jozy Altidore’s Transfer Means to American Soccer Fans and NBC Sports

jozy altidore2 600x337 What Jozy Altidores Transfer Means to American Soccer Fans and NBC Sports

Jozy Altidore has capped off an amazing season for club and country by transferring to Sunderland. This will be Jozy’s second go-around in the Premier League after his non-successful loan spell with Hull City during the 2009-10 season. Altidore, coming off a 23 goal season for AZ Alkmaar in the Dutch Eredivisie, is going to a team that scored only 41 goals and finished one place away from relegation.

Many Americans from Brad Friedel, John Harkes and Claudio Reyna to Tim Howard, Brad Guzan and Clint Dempsey have played in the Premier League. However, with Altidore now coming back on board in England, casual American Soccer fans will have more reasons to stay in their pajamas on Saturday morning to watch Premier League soccer.

The best American outfield player who has played in the Premier League up to this point would arguably be Clint Dempsey. After his 16 goal campaign for Fulham in 2011-12, Dempsey asked to be transferred to a Champions League contender. This dragged out the entire summe resulting in him not showing up for pre-season training and missing the first two fixtures for Fulham. He got his wish at the end of the summer transfer window and moved across London to Tottenham Hotspur. While he did show flashes of greatness, scoring the game-winning goal at Old Trafford and scoring the game-tying goal in the snow against Manchester United at White Hart Lane, Dempsey was not the same player he was at Fulham the season before.

With NBC Sports gearing up for their first year of a three-year $250 million contract, the Peacock is putting their all into this upcoming season of the Premier League. NBC now has a new American face to help build their audience for the casual American Soccer fan. With Sunderland presumably playing many of their games at 10am ET on Saturdays instead of Sundays, soccer fans will want to be sure they have access to NBC Sports Live Extra and/or Premier League Extra Time via their TV provider.

Altidore, whether he wants it or not, will have an impact on future Americans playing in the Premier League. He’s the first American striker to play in the Premier League since Eddie Johnson last played for Fulham in 2010-11. If Jozy can become the man at Sunderland, just like Dempsey was the man at Fulham two seasons ago, Americans will find ways to watch Sunderland.

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9 Responses to What Jozy Altidore’s Transfer Means to American Soccer Fans and NBC Sports

  1. bluemoon70 says:

    Not a big fan of USMNT but I hope Altidore does well.

    • NC says:

      Care to elaborate? Your screen name suggests you aren’t a Sunderland fan, and your first statement suggests you aren’t American. So why do you care if Altidore does well?

  2. TOON Army USA says:

    He is dead to me. Dirty mackem.

  3. HWTL says:

    Couldn’t care less how he does now. I’ll cheer for him when he plays for the USMNT, but at Sunderland I hope he does about as well as he did for Hull.

    HWTL! Up the Toon

  4. ripley says:

    He’s picked a very poor side to join. Especially when compared to Newcastle United just a few miles away. I’m not sure he actually understands what he got himself into.

    • Scott says:

      Oh, the team that finished only 2 points ahead of Sunderland and has done jack squat this summer. Good to hear.

  5. Kagawa26 says:

    Hes not a very good player and i certainly wont be waking up early to specifically watch a player of his caliber there is a reason why hes playing for Sunderland. The Usa will never produce top players until they cut this Mls draft business out.

  6. Old Gaffer says:

    Lots of eurodouchery on this blog… Might as well rename it to

    • Tim says:

      Truth! Great blog but these comments show why this game will never be mainstream in the US. Too much Euro loving American haters.

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