NBC to Televise Swansea-Man United On Free-to-Air NBC On August 17: Daily Soccer Report

The opening game of the 2013-14 Premier League season on US television will feature Liverpool against Stoke City live on NBC Sports Network on Saturday, August 17.

Later that day, the match between Swansea City and Manchester United will be televised live on free-to-air NBC with the kick-off scheduled for 12:30pm ET. The match between the Swans and Red Devils will feature many firsts. It’ll be the first Premier League match of 20 that will televised on the free-to-air NBC network, bringing the league into millions of American homes. Plus, the match will be David Moyes’s first Premier League match as Manchester United manager.

If you live in the United States, find out everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage plans for the Premier League. And if you’re a Time Warner customer, you need to take action today if you want access to all of the Premier League matches for the 2013-14 season.

Be sure to bookmark World Soccer Talk’s Premier League TV schedule to stay updated on where to watch all of the EPL matches on US TV and Internet. We’ll update that page throughout the summer and the season as soon as we get updates.

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25 thoughts on “NBC to Televise Swansea-Man United On Free-to-Air NBC On August 17: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Well as a Liverpool fan it appears the first two matches are televised and as match 3 is Liv vs Utd that is bound to be on, I would guess on NBC as it is always one of the most watched sporting events around he world every time it happens. So easy to hype.
    Gives me a little more time hoping for Charter to cut a deal to have the extra live app.

  2. Stoke on first! Perfect. :-)

    I’m sure it’s because of the Liverpool-U.S. connection, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.

    37, 36, 35……

  3. I’m tempted by the trip to Anfield for this one. Will probably wait and see who we sign first. No Suarez though, is Sturridge ruled out for the start of the season too?

    1. Because the team doesn’t have enough money for transportation to get to all of the games they’re playing in the US. They’ve been asking soccer fans to donate money to help fund their trip. They’re ripe for bribes.

          1. I don’t know if they would take money to buy tickets to travel to the U.S. just to lose but it’s not often that we see a small country like this manage to qualify for such a big tournament. Their players are regular joes holding down regular jobs compared to the spoiled brats we see in other countries.

  4. This is great an exciting schedule news. I just wish that DirecTV would get their act together and do a deal with NBC.

    I’m worried that their nasty contract negotiations with Comcast over Versus a few years ago is poisoning the discussions with Comcast/NBC now.

  5. I didnt want Moyes before and i feel the same way now. He took too long with Thiago andnow hes going to Bayern. Hes a tool. Why we go after a guy whos team played long ball football and has never won a trophy. Plenty of great managers in Europe that would help atrract continental players.

  6. Also if you’re a Cox or Charter you need to take action as currently we are sitting in the dark with no access to NBC Sports Live Extra.

  7. We are comcast – and when I called he said he would be very surprised if we did not get NBC Premier League Extra Time. He did not have the info yet but here is hoping.
    We do get the NBC Sports Live Extra though and all 10 channels in HD which will carry the games throughout the season.

  8. The 10 channels not the Premier League Extra time … meaning , NBC, NBC Sports, and the other cable channels which could carry games owned by NBC or Comcast.

  9. So confused on the scheduling of these games on TV. Can anyone tell me how its going to work, how many games/ week will be televised? I thought I read a few months back that they will be airing games on their other networks like MSNBC etc. Is this still the case? I hope we don’t miss out on games with the switch.

  10. Well, since I don’t cable and won’t have for a while, I am hoping that NBC lives up to their proposed 20 matches over the season on free TV. This first match is the only marked on your schedule, but if NBC does show 20 free matches, that should be about one per month during the season. I hope each free match has very high viewership to show NBC that there should be more free matches shown in the U.S. For many of us, NBC could run NFL off the map pretty quickly with plenty of free EPL matches.

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