Theo Walcott Wears New Arsenal Away Shirt: Leaked [PHOTO]

Yet another new photograph of Arsenal’s away kit for the 2013-14 season has been leaked on the Internet — this one featuring Theo Walcott.

Interestingly, the shade of blue in this Arsenal away shirt and shorts is far darker than previously released photographs. Perhaps it’s the lighting, but that’s a very dark shade of navy blue.

15 thoughts on “Theo Walcott Wears New Arsenal Away Shirt: Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. Also this version has redcurrant stripes on the collar and sleeves (and the Nike swoosh on the socks are the same color).

  2. doesnt look like an official leaked photo. Photoshoped background. All shirts have same creases except walcott. Beside the point though this seems to be the new away kit. Like it!

  3. Adidas will become Arsenal’s sponsor next season (14/15). So one more year of Nike. I am led to believe that the away Arsenal kit will actually be primarily blue in color with yellow trim for this season

  4. d colour or design of d kit does nt matter much right nw. Our problem right nw is 2 get d right players 2 strenghten d squad and giv us d required results on d pitch. Whatever dress or jersey is ok

  5. I tink its am okay with dis, but our priority now is to get good players and get ready to new season so dat we can challenge for trophies next season

  6. I am not thinking about the new jessy, we the die heart fan of the mighty gunners need new set of players,I means experience players.

  7. What a crap photoshop job. Look at the shirts in the back ground too. Simply they just copied it and changed the angle on them lol. I can’t believe I’ve wasted 3 mins of my life sharing this with you

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