Manuel Pellegrini’s First Day at City Reveals a Deep and Intriguing Character [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, Manuel Pellegrini began his first day at his new job as Manchester City manager. While there was nothing explosive about his first 24 hours as City boss, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch a video from Manchester City’s City TV that provides a fly-on-the-wall narrative of Pellegrini’s first day. And surprisingly, even though I’m not a Manchester City supporter, I found it completely absorbing.

As you will see in the video below, it’s incredibly silent. Pellegrini is a soft spoken, quiet character who doesn’t say much but instead takes everything in. I’m looking forward to seeing how he carries himself in future press conferences, but this is a man who seems to have a clear vision of what he wants and how he’s going to achieve success at City.

As well as providing insight into Pellegrini, the man, the video gives a wonderful behind-the-scenes tour of Manchester City’s Carrington training complex as well as the Etihad Stadium. I’m always fascinated by what happens behind the scenes, and this video did not disappoint.

7 thoughts on “Manuel Pellegrini’s First Day at City Reveals a Deep and Intriguing Character [VIDEO]”

  1. If this guy isn’t the epitome of “calm, level-headed former centre-back” I don’t know who is.

    I like the way he carries himself. Hopefully that will translate well to handling what is not at all an easy job (what with apparently being required to bring home an average one trophy per year – sheesh.)

  2. Good intelligent article. As you rightly say a fascinating video but City TV is consistently good and recommended for all City fans of course but all true football fans as well.

  3. what a glorious introduction for Pelligrini to see how dumb, incomprehensible , clueless and ill educated the Man City back room staff are. it appears he is being introduced time after time to morainic idiots who barely speak an understandable form of the english language. hopefully by the time the season has started all these loafers and spongers will have been let go as they seem to add nothing at all to the club or the crest. city should have been more careful in having this video out there as it only shows how dreadfully inept the spine of the club is,

  4. As a city fan, i would like to see our new coach comes with an explosive style, he should have a very strong character because keeping quite and calm doesn’t work in Epl, if not people like ref. Howard Web and his boys will rubbish his efforts trust me, we all know the unwritten code, how they help Alex Ferguson to the trophy on his retirement. Eg the smaller teams were used as broker on city’s detriment. Nobody has the gut to says a thing because of referees and FA BOARD victimizing. Manchester United owns the FA board. Check it out and prove me wrong . It’s time we open our mouth cos we accept we are cowards . United knew arraignment are on ground to win the trophy so Sir Alex statue was carved out for his retirement. Oh England! Thank you, what a way to fool football lovers, the beautiful game.

  5. The video is compelling. It’s interesting to see a small glimpse of the behind the scenes people and the City facilities.

    But doesn’t anyone find it strange that Pellegrini seems to be setting foot at the club for the first time? He has a look a perplexed and unfamiliar look on his face through the entire video.

    Wouldn’t you think that he would have been to the club and been given the same “tour” BEFORE he signed on as manager?

    Did he just accept the job sight unseen because it was a big club?

    I’ve interviewed for jobs before (I’ve been a college basketball coach for 15 years). There is an interview process. And after that, the university/college brings you on to the campus to show you around and to hear your thoughts.

    Did Pellegrini have a few phone conversations and take the job? Or did he just have his agent broker the deal so he wouldn’t have to be troubled with anything?

    This video makes me wonder.

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