Liverpool Dismiss £30million Offer From Arsenal For Luis Suarez: Nightly Soccer Report

Liverpool have rejected a £30million bid for Luis Suarez from Arsenal, according to The Telegraph newspaper.

Reliable Merseyside reporter Chris Bascombe reveals that Arsenal made direct contact with Liverpool last week, but the club insisted that Suarez is not for sale and dismissed the bid from the Gunners.

According to Bascombe,

“It remains to be seen if Arsenal plan to improve their offer. If they increase a bid to £40 million, Suárez could seek permission to speak to Arsène Wenger. The conspiracy theory might suggest Arsenal made their move to nudge Real Madrid, who have been focusing on Suárez, into completing negotiations with the London club for Gonzalo Higuaín.

“It may be no coincidence that in the days since Arsenal’s bid for Suárez, Higuaín’s move to London has edged closer. Their bid also explains why there was a flurry of bets on Suárez joining Arsenal last week, prompting some bookmakers to suspend the betting.”

The reporter adds that there is speculation that Chelsea may also be interested in mounting a bid for the Uruguayan striker Suarez.

If the reports are true that Arsenal put in a bid for Suarez, do you think the Gunners should attempt to place a higher bid? If a bid is accepted, can you foresee Suarez fitting into the system at Arsenal? And can you see Suarez signing for another Premier League if Real Madrid isn’t interested? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Liverpool Dismiss £30million Offer From Arsenal For Luis Suarez: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA. Um, no? This is a team that passed on Loic Remy for 6.8 because of his drama, which is alleged whereas Suarez’ biting and racism is well documented and irrefutable. I doubt they’d want a guy like Suarez. I’m sure if Liverpool were in top 4 again they wouldn’t put up with his crap either.

  2. over the week a lot has been reported targets linked to arsenal,but yet fruitless,yetviable ones ,the like of Fellani,williwms,wanyama ,who can do good at emirates stadium for the money,instead the clubs is hopping for unlikely of Rooney,suarez,we fans are yet to see a dry spell in the season unless Wenger realises that time is running out.

  3. It’d have to be a long term investment, seeing Suarez can’t play for a month plus at the start of the season in England.

    I just can’t see Suarez transferring within the EPL.

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