1.3 Million Viewers Watch Brazil-Spain Confederations Cup Final On ESPN

ESPN’s coverage of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup final between Spain and Brazil was watched by 1.3 million people in the United States. The TV rating for the final was a 1.2, according to Nielsen Company. Note that the ratings are US household ratings.

While it was less than the viewing figures for the final 2009 Confederations Cup match, where 2.5 million people watched the game on ESPN, that year’s final featured the USA against Brazil.

In the third-place match between Italy and Uruguay, which was televised earlier on Sunday, 629,000 people watched the game on ESPN2 compared to the 435,000 people who watched the 2009 third-place match between Spain and South Africa.

Over on Univision, 6.4 million people watched the Spain-Brazil Confederations Cup on the Spanish-language network.

7 thoughts on “1.3 Million Viewers Watch Brazil-Spain Confederations Cup Final On ESPN”

  1. Baseball is very much a regional sport these days but the national TV ratings are trending downward, especially on Fox where they went head-to-head with the NHL/NBA playoffs and were beaten by both. Also baseball is one of those sports, unless you’re a hardcore fan or fantasy player, you only watch your local team. For example I don’t mind baseball, but I could sit through and watch the Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers even though they are both good teams.

    Sunday Night Baseball depends on the teams involved, low profile teams will get something between 1-2 million viewers. In fact the most recent Sunday night came barely beat out the Confed Cup final. High profile games (Yankees vs. Red Sox for example) will draw closer to 3 million

    1. *What I meant to say is I COULDN’T sit through a game where my favorite team is not playing, which is not the case in other sports 😉

  2. This just shows you that Americans aren’t still into soccer. Spanish audience carries ratings in your country.

  3. Where did you get these numbers?

    Everywhere I look, the final on ESPN got about 2 million viewers. The final in 2009 got 3.9 million viewers.

    1. The numbers come directly from ESPN.

      The ratings are US household ratings rather than ESPN’s coverage rating, which would be calculated on ESPN universe rather than the universe of households that have TV in the US. As such the ratings are a bit smaller. ESPN used the US household ratings since the event was aired across multiple networks (ESPN and ESPN2).

      The Gaffer

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