Cristiano Ronaldo Will Meet With Manchester United Officials to Discuss Move, Says Report

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future is again under speculation following reports in Spain suggesting that the Portugal captain will meet Manchester United officials before heading back to pre-season in Madrid.

A Madrid daily newspaper (El Pais) has reported that both teams will deny the meeting, which is supposed to be held within the next few days, as it breaches a FIFA ruling.  Plus El Pais is reporting that Manchester United will offer Ronaldo a signing-on bonus of £42million if he pens the deal.

Recently appointed Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti is unlikely to sanction any deal that allows Ronaldo to leave the Santiago Bernabeu this summer.

Ronaldo has privately been urged to wait 18 months, until the end of his current contract, before making his big move in football.

It is believed that Ronaldo holds a deep affection for his previous club Manchester United and the Red Devils would be the only team he would join in England. This fondness was shown when Ronaldo refused to celebrate after scoring against United during a Champions League match at Old Trafford in March.

Contract negotiations have been put on hold between Ronaldo and Real Madrid, meaning the possibility of the 28-year-old leaving the club is greater than before, although the chance of him staying and seeing out his remaining contract is also a slight expectation.

What do you think? Can you see Ronaldo joining Manchester United this summer, or will he sign a new contract at Real Madrid? Give us your opinion in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Will Meet With Manchester United Officials to Discuss Move, Says Report”

  1. As a chelsea fan, I am hoping he does not go back to United. Come to think if it I doubt Perez will let him go.

  2. Everytime I read stuff like this to me it’s only a dream, this won’t happen, Perez is way too smart to let him go.

  3. The very public way Real Madrid are pursuing Gareth Bale would suggest this is more than just tabloid BS. If they pull it off it would be a massive statement of intent to get Moyes off to a good start. Unlikely, but not totally out of the question.

  4. I don’t trust a thing the papers say. But I do think that Ronaldo misses the stability at United.

    Madrid is a team that is run by the players. Its basically the inmates running the asylum.

    Ancelloti is a great move for Madrid. He may be able to help the team gel quickly. But the odds are it will take him a year or two.

    United have solid veterans of good character. They are familiar with Ronaldo and know how to play with him.

    I also think when he returned to Old Trafford, it affected him more than he expected. The United fans were great to him. And as a United supporter, I know that wasn’t a “one time thing”. The United fans sing for Ronaldo at ever match. He’s still a legend in their eyes. And I think that may play a part in Ronaldo possibly returning.

  5. the only way to pull this off is to get phil knight to co-sign the deal.i don’t think it will happen but what the hey let the tabloids run wild.

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