Sunderland Interested in Signing Jozy Altidore, Says Report

Sunderland are interested in signing striker Jozy Altidore for a transfer fee believed to be around £5million, according to a report.

Altidore is currently on a goalscoring hot streak after scoring four consecutive goals for the US men’s national team in the past month. Plus, he scored 31 goals for AZ Alkmaar in the 2012-13 season — a record for an American while playing in Europe. Now, not surprisingly, Sunderland and other six other Premier League clubs are interested in signing the former Hull City striker.

According to The Shields Gazette newspaper, Sunderland considered signing Altidore last summer, but now the club have rekindled their interest in signing the 23-year-old American. The newspaper reports:

“Although Villarreal signed the then 18-year-old prospect for a hefty £7m in 2008, he is expected to cost less than that to buy this summer – despite his recent goalscoring record.

“[Sunderland’s American owner Ellis] Short would hope to get his man for as little as £5m as AZ look to cash in.”

What are your thoughts about Paolo Di Canio’s interest in signing Jozy Altidore? Do you think the American striker would settle in better this time into the Premier League after his disappointing loan spell with Hull City? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “Sunderland Interested in Signing Jozy Altidore, Says Report”

  1. He was 19 when he was at Hull and had to play for Phil Brown and with a midfield that didn’t know how to pass the ball. He shouldn’t be judged on that. Look at his record over the past two years and watch him play. He’s a totally different and better player by miles now. That being said, I’d like it if he stayed in Holland another year.

  2. I’m an American Tottenham supporter and I think Jozy would be a great fit in our lineup. Most spurs supporters want a big name, but I think the way spurs play would be great for Jozy – we have great wings who could provide great service.

    Anyone else think this would be a good fit for him?

    As far as on Sunderland, I don’t see the fit. Swansea would be a better fit imo.

  3. For 5 million he is worth a shout and has proven himself both in Europe, for his Dutch club, and for his country. A bargain if you ask me.

    Liverpool just paid about 7 million for a Sevilla striker who has been playing for Barcelona B. Hasn’t made any first team appearances but Liverpool are buying him anyway because they think he COULD be a good player in time. Now that’s a real gamble. Altodore is not a gamble.

  4. I want Jozy to stay at AZ for 1 more year. He’s settled and growing there. I want him peaking for WC14. I don’t want him playing sh*t soccer at Sunderland and having a disappointing year leading up to the WC.

    1. I have to disagree with your comment. I think playing a full year in the EPL for *any* of the clubs would do Jozy a world of good. Week in / week out – playing in the best league on the planet – against strong defenses – against a wonderful talent pool would actually help JA’s overall game (immensely imo), not hinder it.

  5. Where ever he ends up he needs to play. Going to a club where he will be a role player isn’t going to do him any good. If that’s the case, he needs to stay at AZ going into the World Cup. If he performs well at the World Cup there will be more clubs interested. More opprotunities to be utilized better.

  6. This is a pre-World Cup season and players will want to be playing for a club where they are going to be playing regularly. Also, I’m sure Altidore will consult with Klinsmann about any move as Klinsmann will want him to join a certain type of club to help him prepare for the World Cup.

    So it all depends on how Sunderland intend to use him that will decide if he ends up there or not.

  7. Di Canio ( if he were to stay) would demand the absolute most out of Jozy. If Jozy could meet the demands, he would be set and tuned as a professional the rest of his career. I for one don’t see it happening. You get the impression that Di will polarize the club until he gets the sack. I cannot help but see Jozy polarized in the negative until a new manager comes…and then what? Out of form striker learning new tactics before a World Cup? Not worth it.
    I would like him to be a possible Benteke replacement at villa though.

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