Manchester United in Battle to Prise Thiago From Barcelona: Nightly Soccer Report

Manchester United are in a tussle to try to sign Thiago Alcântara from Barcelona after the midfielder has been one of the stars of the u-21 European Championship tournament.

David Moyes is reportedly interested in triggering the £17million release clause to try to make Thiago his first major signing of the summer. However, Thiago is believed to be interested in staying with Barcelona if he can get more first time team action.

What do you think? Does Manchester United have any hope in trying to sign Thiago, or is it a lost cause? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Manchester United in Battle to Prise Thiago From Barcelona: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. Who was the last player chelsea produced from the academy in the first team right now thats a starter bar John terry?He wants playing time not 170 000 and sitting on the bench. He s not a money lover and Barca hate Chelsea for their cowardly tactics in 2012 and add Mourinho so Chelsea is a complete no go. Thiago has publicly bashed Mou this season so no chance. Money cant sway them all.

      1. Ryan Bertrand had more playing time than any so called utd youth player last year even the nearly 40 year old ones! Then again you’re not a Utd fan are u?

      2. Yes cowardly tactics. You seem to think that everybody should just bend over and let barca screw them just like ManU did in the 08/09 UCL final. Chelsea adapts and does what is needed to win they don’t play to an opponent’s strength. Barca hates Chelsea so much because they are the only team that knows how to beat them.

  1. The guy would be a great grab for United and would add creativity to a midfield that can certainly use it.

    Barca on the other hand should do everything in their power to keep the kid. There squad needs some young talent and buying him back 3 years down the road will cost a hefty sum.

  2. It’s funny…….just shows how football isn’t any different than any other business in the world. You have a talent manager at a company and he hires talented underlings, eventually those underlings grow up and want to be talented managers themselves. The company might want to keep them because they’re part of the succession planning, but if the talented underling wants to be a manager NOW, they’re kinda stuck. The talented underling might really like the company he/she works for, but wants to be a manager NOW even though there aren’t any spots available, so they’re kinda stuck. It usually ends up with the underling leaving for a lesser company to gain managerial experience and the original company losing out on a talented employee who they trained from birth.

    Same thing with Thiago. Dude is ready to play midfield for a world-class team NOW. Barc doesn’t need him for another 2-3 years. United needs him now. Thiago would probably like to stay at Barc, but wants to play NOW.

    Honestly, this isn’t rocket science. Barc should let him go a little cheap and have some buyback. Now, given that the guy’s opt out is only 17MM, that buyback will be kinda high. For example, if United can just have him for 17MM + wages, if Barca offers him for 5MM, the buyback should still be pretty darn high because they’re not saving United THAT much money. Maybe it should be 50MM or something like that where it only makes sense for Barc to trigger it IF Thiago turns into Iniesta in the next 2-3 years…..and if that happens, United will hate to lose him, but at least they get a big pile of cash.

    Or….maybe this is all fiddling and Barc sells Cesc to United to free up time for Thiago….

    1. Barca have no say in the deal. I.E. Goetze Bayern. If the buy out clause is .met then any club is free to speak to the player.

  3. Spain’s youngsters are now in vogue. They are a class above any other players from other countries. Pretty soon there will be a ton of Spanish players in the EPL.

    This would be a very good buy for United. I can see him stay at Barcelona only if Fabregas leaves and Fabregas may end up at United. Oneway or another United will end up with Fabregas or Alcantara.

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