Why A Move For Nani Away From Manchester United Is The Best Move

The impending departure of Nani from Manchester United evokes more questions than answers. Undoubtedly talented, arguably the most skilful member of the present United squad, Nani is an enigma. His departure from the Premier League is certainly a negative in terms of entertainment, but unfortunately given a player of his calibre, his departure will not grab the headlines other transfers of lesser known players nominally garner.

Monaco and Juventus are the two clubs most prominently linked with the player, whose asking price of £8.5 million is ridiculous in comparison to the fee Liverpool paid for Stewart Downing a couple of years ago. However, not to be derogatory towards Downing, Nani is frankly a far superior player.

The curious case of Nani is that he will forever be in Cristiano Ronaldo’s shadow. From the moment he signed for Manchester United in the Summer of 2007, his every step has been compared and contrasted with his fellow Portuguese colleague. Such comparisons were unfair then and even more so now. A player such as Ronaldo is arguably one of the all time great European footballers, up there with the greatest players in history. Nani is good, very good, but he is not at that level.

So is a move away from Manchester United correct at this stage of his career? While he has achieved a tremendous amount during his at Old Trafford, one has to question if he would be better served moving to an emerging European force such as Monaco or a club looking to leave their mark on the Champions League in Juventus. If their current spending splurge is anything to go by then Monaco are set to become one of the major powerhouses of European football over the years to come. With the club still heavily indebted who is to say United can maintain their present form in the current climate, with Chelsea and Manchester City breathing down their necks. Nani must determine if being a squad player is enough to satisfy his talents or will a move finally provide him with the necessary push to let him finally achieve his undoubted ability?

The European game today is bereft of two-footed players able to score, dribble and pass; Nani is one such player who can do the lot. His stagnated progress over the last year and a half is partially down to injury and partially down to poor team selection. Seriously how could one make the case for Antonio Valencia or Ashley Young to be picked ahead of a player this talented on a weekly basis? Football is a sport today where past achievements are quickly forgotten. If Nani wants to be truly remembered as the player he believes he is then a move is undoubtedly the best thing for his career.

Next season is a crucial one in the career of Nani. No longer a young player, he must begin to showcase the ability that he so clearly possesses to justify a move to either of the aforementioned clubs. Having skill is one thing, replicating it on the pitch during a European game or away to a struggling league side is the hallmark of a great player. While Nani has done this to an extent throughout his career, his flash nature has seen him often do the opposite on many occasions also. This inconsistency is the reason why many United fans will not lament his departure as they should. Players of Nani’s ability are rare, truly rare in today’s footballing climate. Therefore while he may move on from the Premier League, we can be certain it won’t be the last time we will be seeing Nani in the near future.

16 thoughts on “Why A Move For Nani Away From Manchester United Is The Best Move”

  1. I wouldn’t be too upset as Nani hasn’t been at his best in a long while. Valencia and a few others have played just better than he, but if I had to pick someone to go, it would be Nani.

  2. “arguably the most skilful member of the present United squad”

    Can’t agree with that at all. As well he’s shown to be very selfish at times by taking wild shots when there were options open for him. And the only thing he has in common with Ronaldo is his nationality.

  3. Nani might have more talent then Valencia but Valencia has HEART will not quit on plays won’t pout.Valencia all day long.

  4. I don’t want Nani to go. I think he’s a great player and given more time on the pitch, certainly could showcase these talents. Nani and Valencia are better than Young in my opinion. I would get rid of Ashley Young before either of the other two! The thing with Valencia is he always goes on his right foot, so a clever defender would latch onto that. Nani can go either way and always keeps the defenders on his toes. And he’s got a good shot on him!

    1. I agree Nani is unpredictable but that is the problem. United’s offense is based on quick counter attacks. When Nani slows things up, the forward runs become useless. Rooney & Chicharito make amazing runs but if they have to wait, it’s pointless. Frustrating that a player of his skill couldn’t fit.

  5. I think his time at United has run out. However, I would have kept him for another year as this is a pre world cup season and players will be trying to impress to get into their national squads. At 8.5 million he is a bargain. Of course there is also the wages he may demand so that has to be factored in for any club interested in him.

  6. I’d like to see him stay and see what Moyes can get out of him. Fergie always preferred valencia as he is solid, and useful for protecting rafael. Despite Fergie trying to play valencia into for for the last third of the season, he was still pants.
    Nani has the ability to play on either wing aswell which is important

  7. Nani is much better than Valencia and Young. The reason why SAF didnt play him that mch last season is anyones guess.
    I think he should stay and under Moyes he would get more chance to play and be more effective. Sell Valencia but I dont anyone would buy him

  8. nani was way off form last season. in 2010/11 and 2011/12, he was at his best. he could beat players, send in perfect crosses and chip in with around 10 goals. last season, he was very hesitant when he got the ball and never worked to get it back. i think he should move back to portugal and rediscover his best form again. valencia should leave as well.

  9. It is interesting to note that United payed four million pounds more for Nani than they did Cristiano. You can put that off to a better agent or a different year, but I feel that SAF saw more potential in Nani, and saw Cristiano as a bit of a gamble. Hindsight nothwithstanding.
    Nani seems not to have his heart into his football. He passes when he should shoot and vice versa. He tries the ‘headline’ shots when a good pass or cross would better fit. I believe his time has passed at Old Trafford. As others have stated, I never saw much in Ashley Young…still don’t. I have much the same opinion of Fellaini. A mid table player who is red card prone.

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