Javier Mascherano Kicks Medic And Gets Sent Off in Argentina-Ecuador Match [VIDEO]

Javier Mascherano was sent off last night for kicking a medic during Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Ecuador.

The fiery defender, who picked up a knock in the 86th minute, was being carted off the pitch by the medic. It then appears that the medic reached for his water bottle and squirted it. Some of the water appeared to land on Mascherano, either by accident or on purpose. And Mascherano then kicked the medic in retaliation. Mascherano was subsequently red carded by the referee, which led to angry scenes on the touchline.

Here’s the video of the incident including slow-motion of the water incident.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw, which keeps Argentina on top of the qualifying group.

Mascherano later apologized for the incident, saying:

“One preaches non violence in our country and in this I was mistaken. My reaction was not justified.

“I feel ashamed. I don’t like to generate controversy. And I am big enough to admit my mistakes. This embarrasses me. Saddens me.

“The stretcher buggy was going too fast and I was about to fall. I warned him (the driver) and he ignored me, but what I did was not justified.”

5 thoughts on “Javier Mascherano Kicks Medic And Gets Sent Off in Argentina-Ecuador Match [VIDEO]”

  1. I think the morale of this story is do not fake injuries which require you to be unnecessarily carted off the field, he looked fine when he kicked him and was on sidelines after red card….

  2. the driver did not squirt the water bottle. while watching the game, and again on the video, the water comes from the right hand side of the medic cart, not the left hand side where the driver was.

  3. Maddening.

    As a side comment, there needs to be some way to eliminate crowding the referee from the game. The game suffers when 20 players surround the referee and plead for discipline.

  4. The only shock here is to see a Barcelona player not hold his hands to his face and fall to the ground after being squirted with water.

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