ESPN Announces Commentators and Pundits for 2013 Confederations Cup

The 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup kicks off Saturday with hosts Brazil facing Japan, which will be shown live on ESPN beginning at 2:30pm ET. The complete TV schedule as well as coverage plans are available, and today ESPN announced the talent that will be bringing you the games.

Ian Darke and Stewart Robson have been announced as the lead match commentator team. Both are accomplished professionals. Darke was the recipient of the 2012-13 EPL Readers’ Choice Award for Best Commentator, while Robson won the EPL Editor’s Choice Award for Best Co-Commentator.

In the studio, the team will comprise Everton manager Roberto Martinez along with Alexi Lalas, Steve McManaman, Kasey Keller, Tato Noriega and Rubens Pozzi. Bob Ley will be the studio host.

Three commentator teams will call all 16 matches of the tournament off the monitor  from Bristol, Connecticut. The three teams are:

1. Darke and Robson, who will call the opening and title matches, and many others.

2. Fernando Palomo and Alejandro Moren, who will announce the Mexican national team games, among others, and

3. Adrian Healey and Kasey Keller, will work select games.

All games will be presented in HD.

ESPN’s coverage of the Confederations Cup will include 30-minute pre-game shows leading into the first match each day (except on June 17 and 20) and 45-minute programs in-between doubleheader matches.  ESPN’s John Sutcliffe, who is traveling with the Mexican National Team, will report news about the team daily.

The teams competing in the tournament representing the different regions are CONCACAF (Mexico), UEFA second-place team (Italy), CAF (Nigeria), CONMEBOL (Uruguay), AFC (Japan) and OFC (Tahiti), the 2014 FIFA World Cup host country (Brazil) and the 2010 FIFA World Cup champion (Spain).

What’s your opinion about the commentator and pundit teams that ESPN have selected? Have your say in the comments section below.

35 thoughts on “ESPN Announces Commentators and Pundits for 2013 Confederations Cup”

    1. You do realise it’s Stewart Robson and not Bryan, right? 😉 Stewart played for Arsenal, West Ham among others. Never Man United though.

  1. My question is who will be calling the USA/Honduras game on the 18th if Ian Darke and Adrian Healey are both in Brazil?

    1. It’s a 4 hour hop from SLC to Bristol, CT. “Three commentator teams will call all 16 matches of the tournament off the monitor from Bristol, Connecticut.”

        1. Palomo and Moreno made it seem like yesterday that they were going to Brazil to follow the Mexican team. I guess it’s only Sutcliffe then. Kind of weird they aren’t sending at least one team live to Brazil, like they did at Euro (one live team, two studio teams)

  2. Why does there always have to be an American in there ? replace the americans with some retired Brasilian footballers.

    1. Really? Brazilians are good at the sport but they have the stupidest accents. No disrespect but they sound like transexuals.

    1. At least he knows how to pronounce CAEsar, rather than ceSAR, like the pompous brit with whom we are stuck watching Brazil games. Incidentally, it is the same pronunciation as in William Shakespeare’s play, in case this moron feels he is lost in a foreign language.

  3. Sounds good but can they add an “Lalas mute” option so i dont hav to do it myself when he starts talking?

    Ill never forget when he said in the Euro final last year that Spain have to “Find Pedro. He’s fresh.”(?????)

  4. I wish they would stick with McManaman and Darke, Robson tends to talk too much, too loud, and is too negative; he also focuses on the mistakes instead of the positive play.

  5. I still dont understand out of all of the games why is the Brazil Italy game on ESPN News, i get Mexico is playing at the same time but come on

    1. Similar to Fox Soccer showing Chelsea vs. Nordsjaelland over the more meaningful Shakhtar vs. Juventus match…”ratings” (yawn)

  6. Please!!! No need to tell us about Darke. Highly capable, poetic and a wealth of knowledge. Everybodys favorite.

  7. There is absolutely no need for Alexi Lalas, USA or Greece are not part of this tournament, so there is no reason why for us to hear his awful voice along with his and awful punditry on air. STOP IT ESPN.

  8. I’m all for Americans being involved as we do after all happen live in America, but Lalas makes me want to put my boot through my TV every time he’s on it, so i’ll skip the pre game and half time show for the sake of my wide screen.

  9. I’m assuming the famous ESPN ticker will be giving baseball stats, non-relevant athlete quotes and NFL Draft updates throughout the entire tournament. I’ve resorted to taping a strip of black paper on the bottom of my TV so I don’t have to look at it.

  10. Listen to for British announcers.
    What exactly can Martinez or Lalas provide insight for that we don’t already know?
    Both failures as Managers…the only profession were the WORSE you are the more money and opportunities there are.
    Bloody hell….imagine building a deck that fell….and you got more jobs and charged more money

  11. I’m soooooo glad that I’m not the only one that can’t f*cking stand Lalas! He was a crap player and an even worse commentator. ESPN should DUMP him & replace him with Tommy Smyth. As an American I would much rather listen to the Brits… no Lalas, no Keller, no douche-bag John Harkes & especially NO JULIE “F*CKING” Foudy! Bob Ley’s ok & if you have to have an American call a game Taylor Twellman’s decent…

  12. Racism in football continues when ESPN commentators only positive comments about Nigerian players is that they are not disciplined. Funny motherland England did not qualify to represent little Europe. Comment on football and leave your racists rants at home in England

  13. There are two requirement s for a soccer commentator: know soccer and speak ENGLISH, not spanglish. I’m sick of hearing these Spanish speaking announcers. As much as I dislike Lalas, I would rather hear him bloviate than listen to those telemundo refugees.

    There are many qualified commentators. I wonder why ESPN doesn’t hire them.

    Personally, I’m going to boycott the sponsors of any game that has these spanglish speaking announcers.

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