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Man City Prepare £34m Bid for AC Milan Forward Stephan El Shaarawy: Nightly Soccer Report

Stephan El Shaarawy Man City Prepare £34m Bid for AC Milan Forward Stephan El Shaarawy: Nightly Soccer Report

Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Manchester City are preparing a £34million bid for AC Milan striker Stephan El Shaarawy.

The 20-year-old striker scored 16 goals in 37 appearances for Milan in 2012/2013. And according to the reports in Italy, Manchester City are keenly interested in trying to sign the centre-forward who they reportedly showed an interest in signing as early as January.

Do you think City can sign El Shaarawy to add to their other signings, Fernandinho and Jesus Navas? How much of an impact could the striker who plays for Italy have on the Premier League? Give us your opinion in the comments section below.

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15 Responses to Man City Prepare £34m Bid for AC Milan Forward Stephan El Shaarawy: Nightly Soccer Report

  1. Flyvanescence says:

    Unfortunately it looks like they are preparing for life without Tevez.

    Who was our best and most consistent player last year.
    This team is going to look MAJORLY different this year, but i really hope that Tevez stays.

    • jtm371 says:

      how quick fans forget when a player QUITS on their side and the following year all is forgotten.get rid of the ingrate.

  2. dust says:

    60m without this next…94m with this purchase…before the window opens is just plain wrong….FFP is a complete crock…400m of City’s “Income” is from the shady stadium deal from their owners brother.

    it is just wrong…

    • Matt says:

      FFP has always been a crock and it doesn’t help when large cash infusions have helped Platini’s Ligue One attract top class talent. I’m pretty sure if Roman or Mansour bought Spurs you would be on cloud 9 mate. Money talks in sports and it always has been that way, the only difference is the prices have become highly inflated in recent years. I don’t see anything wrong here, if I had billions to spend i’d be doing the same thing.

    • Colin Nunn says:

      ‘Shady Stadium Deal’ — you have to smile — jealousy from someone who doesn’t have a bean compared to Sheik Mansour. Man City have a fantastic backroom set up and there cannot be any possible doubt that they will meet FFP rules regardless of whatever money they spend on players. Tevez has a year to run on his contract so City must bring in other players to compensate for when he leaves (we all know that he will). Plus there are a few ‘lightweights’ that need to go (Sinclair; Garcia; et al). Barry is 32 so at the end of his Premier league career (likely to transfer to MLS NY).

    • Marc L says:

      There is a LOT more than the stadium deal. These guys running the club have business ventures all over the world going every which way.

      Deloitte showed a 50+% year over year increase in commercial revenue for the most recent two years (ex-sponsorships). Projections are for another big jump as well.

      Of course FFP is also the biggest steaming pile of completely unenforceable crap out there this side of what my dog just left 15 minutes ago on the sidewalk in front my rag neighbour’s house. (And I am not kidding in this – he knows to poop exactly in this spot. Anywhere else I scoop it, but there I do not.)

      The irony is that Twatini foisted this nonsense on Europe in an attempt to protect AC Milan. Monaco and PSG, knowing it will fall apart at the bare hint of a continental legal challenge, blithely ignore it.

      And the English FA(rce) – which might as well be a full-fledged department of the rag organizational chart – well, they got it passed in the EPL in an attempt to preserve their club’s 20 year hegemony. And to reward their degenerate cohort Arsenal for having no ambition other than to sell shirts in Asia.

      But guess what? Starting to look like those ARABS turned out to be a bit sharper than the FA(rce) ever anticipated. So in England there will be no need to completely rip this crap apart in court. City will comply with is ANYWAY.

  3. Alex says:

    I just hope it doesn’t happen… :’(
    Man City is sh*t they just got the money and are buying other clubs stars why can’t they develope player them selves? …

  4. The goat says:

    Why be racist you fool? Stop getting yourself so worked up you just show sheer jealousy and it eats away at you and makes you angry and bitter

  5. Marc L says:

    Didn’t see a lot of this guy but seemed a bit undisciplined in UCL play last year. But then again, he is 20 and “undisciplined” is not unusual or the end of the world for a young player.

  6. Andrew says:

    Please no AC Milan dont sell this young talent hes huge selling him would be horrible
    plus i just got his jersey i dont want to wear an old players jersey!

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