Liverpool’s Away Shirt for 2013-14 Season Unveiled [PHOTOS]

Official photos of Liverpool’s new away shirt have been unveiled.

As we feared, the previously leaked images of Liverpool’s new kit have been confirmed and are as bad as we thought. It takes quite an achievement to create a truly horrendous shirt design that can be laughable at the same time, but Warrior Sports has done it.

Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2013-14 season is a white jersey with red trim. The upper half of the shirt design is fair, but the bottom half of the front of the shirt is absolutely horrid. How Warrior or Liverpool can approve this design is unthinkable.

What is that design? It looks like either a hallucinogenic Tetris game, or a bad Christmas sweater. From a design perspective, I can see that they’re trying to find a new way to blend from the white and red colors from the upper half of the shirt into the black design at the bottom of the front of the shirt, but the result is pathetic.

While Warrior’s design for Liverpool’s home shirt is very smart, what were they thinking with this away kit?

MOREMore photos of Liverpool’s away shirt, including close-up images.

We’re waiting to see if the following range of bad Christmas sweaters will be made into football shirts in the future:


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