West Ham United Home and Away Shirts for 2013-14 Season: Leaked [PHOTO]

Photos have been leaked on the Internet featuring West Ham United’s new home and away shirts for the 2013-14 season.

After signing a deal with adidas earlier this month, the new West Ham United kits were scheduled to be unveiled this summer. But thanks to the football shirts sleuths, we’ve got an early peek at the new West Ham shirts. And the home one, especially, is a winner.

West Ham’s home shirt for the 2013-14 season is a retro design featuring classic white collars and the three stripes down the sleeve. Featuring the name of West Ham’s new sponsor, the kit features light blue sleeves and the traditional claret shirt. Everything about this shirt design exudes class. Out of all of the shirt designs released so far for the 2013-14 season, this one is my favorite.

West Ham’s away jersey for the 2013-14 season is more simplistic and looks like it’s picked from an adidas template. However, the color coordination is simple and effective for an away shirt. It’s not a classic and won’t be remembered for years to come, but it does its job without being obnoxious.

What are your thoughts about West Ham’s new home and away shirts for next season? Tell us what you think of them in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “West Ham United Home and Away Shirts for 2013-14 Season: Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. Well said Gaffer. Adidas couldn’t produce a simple deconstructed template to save their lives at the moment.

    The home one looks a bit busy with the unnecessary white collar and stripes in its ode to be retro. The away looks simple enough but uninspiring.

    It’s a shame that Adidas (equipment) robots are on full auto-pilot with their templates these days, a far cry from the creativity they expressed in the halcyon days from their trefoil era.

    1. r u serious mate it looks so proffesional , yes home jersey
      didnt need the collar l will definetly buy away top

  2. You can’t see it in this photo, but the striped only go halfway down the sleeve, not Adidas’s work in my opinion.

  3. A bit disapointed to say the least,lose the collar on the home,away one a bit better but no sky blue?????Some of the mock up kits by fans were alot better e.g bonds,cottee n mcavennie.COYI HAMMERS

  4. Not usually a huge fan of the Adidas sleeve stripes, but this is okay. Would be better if the stripes went all the way down.

    I know the blue sleeves are highly traditional for WHU, but this would look utterly badass if the shirt was solid garnet with light blue collar and sleeve stripes.

  5. As soon as I hear they made the deal with Adidas, I went to Adidas’s MiTeam custom kit maker and made loads of my own possible West Ham Kits… None looked like these… But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like them… I think the Away kit being whit with claret, makes it unique… which is a nice touch… I do like the home kit but, not the white stripes nor the white collar… I’m a MASSIVE West Ham fan though and I’m sure these kits will grow on me either way…

  6. Not really liking the look of the Alpari logo. Otherwise looks simplistic but effective. Not sure on the collar though?

  7. Lets all take a moment to remember the hideous kits Macron supplied us with, taking that into consideration I think these kits are amazing!

    I’ve also had the privilege of seeing the training wear which is black and is amazing! I’ll be buying for sure.

  8. I think all three (third kit not shown – black with claret stripes and claret & blue under arms)look fantastic and I will be buying all three, best shirts for years. The white collar and stripes on the home shirt actually emphasise the claret and blue. The alpari logo is a million times better than that awful S’BOB’ET monstrosity of a ‘logo’ almost as bad as ‘XL’!!! If I’m being hyper-critical I would have liked a little more sky blue on the away shirt (in between the three claret stripes, maybe). I am also looking forward to the training gear! Big thumbs up from me, it will look even better in the flesh.

  9. It absolutely pains me to say it but both shirts look great. It’s like West Ham said to Adidas, ” don’t faff about with some new design. Just take us back to 1982″.

  10. Dont like the new kit. take a look at the Chelsea and Ajax kits, keep it simple would have looked way better. if they had swapped the red and white of Ajax with Claret and Blue it would have looked great. Come on you Irons

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