Cardiff City Unveil Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Come On You Reds [PHOTO]

Cardiff City have unveiled their home shirt for their very first season in the Premier League. The new Cardiff home kit for the 2013-14 season is designed by Puma, and features an all red kit with white trim.

To be completely honest with you, I’ve seen better kits worn by kid soccer teams. The red shirt is very ordinary and features no redeeming qualities other than a small racing stripe on the front collar. According to the club website, “the two Puma King stripes reflect the fans loyalty to the club, which is appreciated by all.” Blech!

In the photograph above (from the Cardiff City website), the shorts look a darker shade of red.

The other disappointing feature is how tiny and how insignificant the club’s icon (and nickname) the bluebird is on the shirt. It’s small peck, drowned by red.

Just as Southampton’s kit was incredibly disappointing last season on their return to the top flight, Cardiff City’s kit design is equally unattractive. Puma, who are a company renowned for designing quality shirts that look quite different than the run-of-the-mill shirts from Adidas and Nike, have delivered one of their most disappointing shirts in quite some time.

Full disclosure: I’m a Swansea City supporter. But even as a Jack, I tried to remain objective on this one.

What do you think? If you disagree with me, let me know in the comments section below? Will you be buying this shirt? If so, tell us why below.

16 thoughts on “Cardiff City Unveil Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Come On You Reds [PHOTO]”

  1. Having two different shades of red was a terrible idea. I also don’t like the collar. And what can I say about the bluebird? It looks totally out of place and I don’t think keeping it as part of the club’s crest is gonna pacify the fans.

  2. I agree with the writer , I have seen better kits on kids , its truly awful the colours just do not match at all , 2 shades of red really??
    I want the blue kit back but even last years red kit was a million times better than that

  3. The two shades of red look like it was an accident at the factory. Which is even worse if it was on purpose. And the collar looks like some kind of undershirt. All around a disappointment. I expected more of Puma. Hopefully their away kit will make up for it.

  4. This kit is terrible, I am all for the red but this is just terrible, I cannot believe it! We going to the premiership looking like.. (I’ll let you answer that)

  5. Absolutely shocking, almost as bad as our away shirt.

    Toffs must be doing a roaring trade in old skool Cardiff shirts.

  6. That is horrible with a capital H. It will look good in the championship when they are back there in 12 months.

  7. that is a joke looks like something from the indoor soccer league.Tradition goes out the window when you sell your soul to Asia money.the cardiff red dragons their alt shirt will be blue.

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