Everton Makes a U-Turn On Their New Club Crest: How Not to Launch A New Crest

In an embarrassing U-turn, Everton Football Club have reacted to public anger against their new club crest by deciding to ditch it only days after officially unveiling it.

Last week, Everton officially revealed their new club crest, which was much simpler, cleaner and more dynamic than the previous one. The biggest change however was that the new crest removed the club’s Latin motto “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” (nothing but the best is good enough).

There was an incredible backlash from Everton supporters about the new crest, particularly the removal of the Latin motto. Petitions were created. Evertonians took to social media to vent their outrage. The blue half of Merseyside was not pleased, to say the least.

And then today the club decided to back down under the pressure by reversing their decision. Since it’s too late to immediately revert the decision due to the new crest being featured on the forthcoming new shirts from Everton as well as brochures, etc, the club has decided to stick with the new crest, and will then will work closer with the supporters to unveil a new one in advance of the 2014-15 season.

What a disaster.

Everton screwed up the roll-out of their new club crest in two ways. First, they didn’t consult with all of the supporters to explain why they wanted the change. Nor did they involve them in the process (other than an Everton Fan’s Forum). Second, the reaction to the new crest wouldn’t have been so negative if the club had found a way to incorporate the Latin motto into the shirt design — perhaps on the back of the inside collar, or near the top of the back of the shirt.

But by delaying the rollout of the new crest and removing the Latin motto completely, Everton backed themselves into a corner where it was impossible to make any changes in time. Photos of the new club crest had been leaked on the Internet over one month ago, while the trademark was filed in February, so Everton’s decision to delay the unveiling certainly hurt them. Presumably the club wanted to wait until after the 2012-13 season ended before officially unveiling the crest, but the timing gave them no opportunity to make any last minute changes.

By delaying the unveiling and committing the huge mistake of eliminating the Latin motto, Everton Football Club were in a no-win situation.

As it is now, the new crest design that will be created will involve the majority of Everton supporters and could end up being ‘a decision by committee,’ where the end result will be a compromise of different opinions resulting in a mish-mash of a crest design. The jury is out until the time consuming process is finalized, but at least Everton has shown other clubs what not to do in the future.

11 thoughts on “Everton Makes a U-Turn On Their New Club Crest: How Not to Launch A New Crest”

  1. While not the right way to go about it, one should give the club props for listening to the supporters’ outrage and willing to take it all into account come next season.

    That being said, I really like the darker shade of blue with the yellow. It is clean and sharp.

    Hopefully the new color palette will remain.

    1. Here’s what Everton said about Nike’s involvement:

      “As well as the Everton fan-base, key commercial partners such as Kitbag and Nike were also consulted and their input and ideas were fed into the design process. Of course, Nike’s brand pedigree is unrivalled and their contribution was invaluable.”

      The Gaffer

      1. Sounds kind of familiar to what Uconn said when they decided to change their logo. But in the end it is Nike wanting a new logo so them and the University can sell more merchandise.

        1. While you are right about Nike wanting a new logo for UConn, that was more about continuity of the UConn brand. Every athletics team at the University had a different logo…makes it a lot easier for school and Nike if it was all the same.

    2. just another reason to hate the evil empire/p knight.look how they treat their Cambodian workers cattle prods.SCREW nike

  2. I think most fans are OK with the omission of the motto if the argument against its inclusion is strong enough. It’s been left off previous iterations of the club crest but has remained a core part of the club’s ethos.

    The biggest problem we Evertonians had with the new badge was that it’s simply an awful design in every facet apart from, perhaps, the royal blue color and the word “Everton”.

    The bloated heraldic shield looks cartoonish and the re-imagined representation of the Prince Rupert’s Tower isn’t modern — it looks like a piece of clipart off a 1990s CD of cheap vector assets.

    Deliver the fans a professionally-designed logo befitting the club’s heritage and aspirations (even one of those whipped up by fans in the last couple of days that are in display at the Toffeeweb site would do!) and I think it will be embraced. As it is, we’re going to have to endure this calamity they’ve just unveiled for a full season.

  3. Yes – the club should have probably worked closer with the supporters but their previous/”current” crest was (1)a cluttered joke (2) Was being used for only 20 years – hardly Cardiff City’s bluebirds is it?

    The crest Everton used the 80’s – when they were actually winning things, was minimal and did not feature its latin motto.

    Both Spurs and Arsenal ditched their cumbersome latin versions used on shirts years ago. Liverpool got smart and re-simplified theirs.

    I am a traditionalist but clean, simple versions of club marks are crucial aspects in building a coherent brand, in what is a now global game.

    The new one may not have been the answer but the old one wasn’t good enough either.

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