New Close-Up Photos of England’s Home Shirt for 2013: Plus [VIDEO]

The English Football Association and Nike have released more photos of the new England home shirt for 2013, to commemorate 150 years of the FA.

The new photos and accompanying video show more detail regarding the England shirt, and it’s not as bad as we first saw after Jack Wilshere tweeted out an image (why Nike thought it’d be best to launch the kit with a schoolboy wearing the shirt, I do not know).

Even with the close-ups, the England shirt is still overwhelmingly disappointing. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “New Close-Up Photos of England’s Home Shirt for 2013: Plus [VIDEO]”

      1. I like a “less is more” approach to football shirts, with the crest and main colors doing the talking, just my opinion.

    1. Talking of the Adidas MLS Shirts. I do not like the way Adidas decided to monopolize the whole mls franchise. Its like they are not even trying… smh

    2. Don’t know why people complain about the Adidas MLS shirts, IMO they’re some of the best designed kits out there.

  1. How tiny is the St George’s Cross? I don’t see it on any of the other photos. Not buying this one!

  2. I appreciate that there is more detail on the shirt than previously thought. I love the gold trim in the perimeter of the crest…the St George’s cross on the trim.

    The shirt itself is not problem – the timing is. If it were a debut following Admiral’s 80’s or Umbro’s 00’s busy efforts, the initial starkness would have been appreciated much more.

  3. Looks tight fitting, don’t know how it will go down with the beer belly fans in the stands.
    I always like the simple classy designs though

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