Beat The Manager Race Down to the Wire

Not only is this Sunday the final day of the 2012-13 Premier League season, but it’s also the last round of Beat The Manager this season.

For those of you who have been playing, I want to apologize for not sharing the leaderboards with you for each week. We hit a few snags along the way, but have no fear, we’ve been collecting all of the results so anyone who played had their results counted.

In fact, we’re ready to announce the winners of the iPad Mini for gameweek 24 and gameweek 32. But before we do that, don’t forget to play Beat The Manager today so you can get your predictions in before the Sunday 7:30am ET deadline. The winner after gameweek 38 (even if the person has won an iPad Mini before) will be announced as soon as we get the results.

The winner for gameweek 24 is:

Dale Bailey Jr

The winner for gameweek 32 is:

Bart Ewing

Congratulations to both players!

I don’t have the updated leaderboards for every player, but go ahead and play for this final weekend for your chance to win the final iPad Mini we’re giving away.

If you haven’t played before, be sure to register first.

Don’t forget to play Beat The Manager today!

10 thoughts on “Beat The Manager Race Down to the Wire”

  1. I used to be a lurker/occasional commentor on here, and I seem to remember you launced something called “Alternative league table” (or something like that). I always criticized the feature, because it never actually described HOW the alternative table was calculated, hence it was a pretty pointless as a talking point.

    This “BTM” game seems to suffer from the same problem. The rules don’t really explain how the game is scored. How many points do I get for guessing the match result? How many points do I get for guessing the real-life line-up and subs? How can my own personal choice of who “should” be picked be evaluated?

  2. p.s. as a former visitor to the site, whatever happened to EPL Pro (or whatever it was called), your spin-off paid-access site?

    1. Darren, EPL Talk Pro was live for about 1-2 months but FOX Soccer stole Richard Farley away from EPL Talk, so we ended up shutting it down.

      The Gaffer

          1. Yeah, I read that already. If you don’t explain the how the game is scored, why would anyone want to play? Do many people sign up for it?

            1. The game ends this Sunday. We’ve had several hundred people sign up. We’ve awarded five iPad Minis throughout the season, and we’ll be awarding the final iPad Mini next week.

              The Gaffer

          2. Well each to their own I guess, but personally playing a game without knowing the rules is a bit weird to me.

  3. wow what a nice surprise, a humble Spurs fans with no coaching badges (real or imagined) wins 1 for Tottenham nation the day before we set a record of most points in league, surely an omen as we wipe away the dust from our eyes


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