Wigan Players Celebrate FA Cup Final Victory; Plus Behind-The-Scenes Player Tunnel Footage [VIDEO]

Many people thought that Roberto Martinez was mad last summer when he reportedly passed up the opportunity to manage Liverpool or Aston Villa, but decided to stay with Wigan Athletic instead. But the sacrifice by him certainly paid off today.

Here’s the last video of the day from Wigan Athletic’s triumphant FA Cup Final victory against Manchester City. The videos below feature the post-match celebrations by Wigan players on the pitch.

Plus there’s behind-the-scenes footage from the player tunnel showing both Wigan and Manchester City footballers and staff before the match kicked off, at half-time, after Zabaleta got red-carded and after the final whistle.

16 thoughts on “Wigan Players Celebrate FA Cup Final Victory; Plus Behind-The-Scenes Player Tunnel Footage [VIDEO]”

  1. Am I the only idiot who is watching this on fsc where they gave one of their news updates during the half and ruined it by giving a highlight of the win?? WTF!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hey, Gaff?

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        1. K Riz, we’ve had a few different boards and forums in the past, but none of them were successful because the comments act as a form of a message board. If there’s anything particular you want to ask, best bet is to search for an appropriate article first to post your comment under. If one doesn’t exist, just use a recent one and post away.

          The Gaffer

          1. Gaffer,

            Thanks for the reply. Maybe keep the suggestion in your back pocket… Who knows?

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      2. Hey, Gaff!

        I noticed on the tv schedule there is no mention of the Championship playoff final on May 27. Any idea what channel will be covering? Does beIN sports have coverage, or will Fox being airing that one?

        1. beIN has the rights. We’re just awaiting confirmation that they’ll show it live.

          The Gaffer

    1. I was shocked to hear the results during half time. What the hell were they thinking. Gus Johnson, stick to basketball. Bad call by FOX to have this guy as commentator for such a great match.

  2. Was an excellent Final. Many times I find Finals are underwhelming, but this was worth the full time of viewing. Well done Wigan, Martinez. Putting Mancini is his place. Callum McManaman is easily one of the best young players I’ve watched this season and was much-needed by a side that lacked attacking threat from both flanks, but especially the right side.

    1. …previously lacked threat on the right side, that is… almost directly from the time Valencia was sold to Manchester United. lack of investment.

  3. TBH he’s got his Priority’s all mixed up, he’s pushed hard for the FA cup and got his fifteen mins of fame but at what cost?? got his club Relegated out of the Prem Oops(Empty Victory if you ask me)

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