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A Tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager From 1986-2013 [VIDEO]

sir alex ferguson2 600x307 A Tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager From 1986 2013 [VIDEO]

Manchester United supporters and soccer fans worldwide are still dealing with the shock that Sir Alex Ferguson announced he’s retiring from the game. Whether you love or hate him, every soccer fan has a memory of Ferguson from 27 years of triumph after triumph.

Watch this 3-minute video tribute featuring some golden memories of Ferguson.

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8 Responses to A Tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager From 1986-2013 [VIDEO]

  1. taimur says:

    Here is another, more negative side to Ferguson that people familiar with English football know all too well about. The surrounding of referees which he instilled in his players, bullying match officials, criticizing the referees after a loss, being a sulky and ungracious loser, etc.
    Here is a link to the article/blog:

  2. Wongo1 says:

    Taimur you talk this nonsense but the “surrounding” the ref was in play long before SAF took over at United. Feel free to watch any highlights from the 70′s or 80′s. Before you spout off learn a bit of the history of the game.

  3. Wongo1 says:

    You read a story by an obvious United hater and take it as gospel.One word….clown.

  4. taimur says:

    Did you read the blog before launching your scathing criticism of me??

  5. Wongo1 says:

    Yes I read the crap that was written and then gave you my thoughts. Now if you want to know about Fergie go to Youtube and watch any of his post match interviews, he is the first to put his hands up and say if a tackle by one of his players was worthy of a red card. He is the first to say the other team deserved to win even if it hurts like heck. He is the first to say the opposing team’s players outplayed United. He NEVER calls out his players in public because he believes that should be done behind closed doors.

    It is because of SAF and United that the PL you claim to like is as big as it is, he did make UNITED into a global brand. United has played the evil hero, if there is such a thing. The team everyone loves to hate. Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal are the ones that cultivated the us against the world culture in the late 70′s early 80′s and United joined the band wagon towards the end of Big Ron’s tenure and all throughout SAF’s tenure but that means little.

    What this Freddy Gray guy has written is trite and nonsense and for posting it as some type of “journalism here on EPL Talk you get the title of Clown end of.

  6. GL Sir Alex Ferguson, best of manager

  7. taimur says:

    “he is the first to put his hands up and say if a tackle by one of his players was worthy of a red card”
    Yeah just like he put his hands up when Roy Keane ended the career of Alf-Inge Haaland with a leg-breaking tackle. Oh no wait, he defended Keane on that occasion. :)

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