If You Live in Indianapolis or Hartford and Want to Watch the FA Cup Final Live, You’re Screwed

The FA Cup Final is being shown nationwide throughout the United States for the first-time ever on free-to-air national television. Except if you live in Indianapolis or Hartford.

The TV coverage begins tomorrow at Noon ET on FOX. However, two FOX affiliates — WXIN in Indianapolis and WTIC Hartford — have decided to show the game on delay at 2pm instead, after the game has already ended.

WTIC Hartford will one hour of the TV show, aptly named Bloopers, as well as Teen Kids News and a show called Awesome Adventures.

Over on WXIN Indianapolis, they’ll be broadcasting several animal shows including Jack Hanna’s Into The Wild, Wild About Animals, Pets.TV and Animal Atlas.

WXIN Indianapolis must love their animal programming. The same exact thing happened last year when the affiliate decided to show animal programs instead of a game between Chelsea and Manchester United.

That’s one of the jeopardies when you have FOX affiliates nationwide. There’s no guarantee that everyone will show the game. With FOX Soccer, at least you were guaranteed to see the game if you subscribed to their channel.

If you do live in Indianapolis or Hartford, be sure to plan ahead and seek out other alternatives to watch the FA Cup Final live on US television. Check to see if they have any sister stations. See if your TV can pick up other FOX stations in the area that may be showing the game live. Or you may need to drive to an area where you can watch the game on a FOX network that will be showing the 2013 FA Cup Final match between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic.

17 thoughts on “If You Live in Indianapolis or Hartford and Want to Watch the FA Cup Final Live, You’re Screwed”

  1. I live in the Hartford area and this news is absolutely horrible. Thank God we won’t have to deal with Fox next season.

    Anyway, an alternative is Fox Deportes which will be showing the match live. If you don’t subscribe to the Hispanic/Spanish bundle, get it for one month so you can watch the match and then cancel. Otherwise, find someone that lives in southern CT which get their Fox channel from NYC.

  2. Still alot of soccer haters who are heads of these affiliates. No conceivable reason to not show the Final when its kids shows being replaced. FOX will need to give a stern and harsh talking to them when the World Cup starts being shown in 2018.

  3. I don’t know why they bother showing these games on the network when local affiliates can do what they want. Keep it on Fox Soccer or whoever has the rights. In my opinion, it’s not critical to the growth of the game in this country to have the games broadcast on the network. The only exception is arguably the World Cup.

    1. There are a lot of people out there that can’t afford cable or satellite that would like to watch soccer on tv. That’s why it’s good to have games on free tv. FOX needs to step in and tell the affiliates to air the games live or we drop you as an affiliate. Somebody else can then become a FOX affiliate in the area.

  4. A few days ago I was getting grief on here for bemoaning the days before soccer was available en masse on U.S. television. Looks like some things haven’t changed. This is the type of nonsense that brings back the bad old days.

  5. This isn’t the first time WTIC has done this FOX really needs to ring in its local affiliates. I’m sorry but Bloopers aren’t “Children’s programming”. If you have DirecTV in southern CT you normally get the FOX affiliate out of New York, but in SD. If you live in Fairfield County I also believe you still get FOX out of NYC in HD with Cablevision.

  6. I can’t see why they don’t just simulcast it on Fox Soccer and the Network that way if the network does not show it you have an alternative choice.

  7. Excuse my language, but was bulls**t. At first I was a little sad about Fox not having the EPL next year, but they can naff straight off now. Come on Wigan!

  8. I love that the Indianapolis Fox station said it was a national decision to air the match later and not made locally. Absolute lie.

  9. I called them. They didn’t receive the call. Then I posted in their facebook page. They blocked me. Also, I messaged them and found that Champions League final will also be delayed. They are really cray channel.

  10. Well, Fox Soccer just gave away the result at halftime during their tape-delayed broadcast. What a joke!

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