David Moyes Must First Confront The Wayne Rooney Conundrum: The Daily EPL

Should he stay or should he go? The first major conundrum that David Moyes will face as Manchester United will be what to do with Wayne Rooney. The United striker reportedly put in a transfer request two weeks ago, and United have come out and said that the striker is not for sale. However, Rooney is believed to want out — even before Moyes was appointed.

What do you think? Should Rooney stay, or should Moyes sell him for £30+ million and buy some new more committed footballers? Have your say in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “David Moyes Must First Confront The Wayne Rooney Conundrum: The Daily EPL”

  1. I believe United will cash in on Rooney. Ferguson was able to control him but I doubt if Moyes will be as effective. Rooney did play for Moyes when he broke through into Everton’s first team but I doubt if that will be a factor now.

    Baines will join United which means Evra will be leaving. Fellaini might be another United target. The big question will be how many current United players will leave. We’ll know sooner rather than later as United don’t wait till the end of the transfer window to do business but do it early. July 1 will be very interesting for a lot of clubs as that is when the transfer window opens officially even though clubs and players can agree terms before then.

  2. I really like Rooney as a player, he really looks like a guy at a crossroads. I could imagine him changing his lifestyle a little, losing 20 pounds, becoming dedicated to offseason fitness, etc. and having a long career. I could also see him continuing to be a little chubby for a professional athlete and continuing to get nagging injuries that don’t heal overnight (since he isn’t 20 anymore) and prevent him from ever being ultra-sharp.

    United just needs to decide which outcome is more likely and make a decision (IF all this speculation about Rooney looking for a way out is true….which it might not be).

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  4. If Rooney was stroppy under the reign of Fergie, he’ll only be worse with Moyes. Utd should cash him in while he’s still somewhat highly regarded. They don’t want to lose millions like they did with Berbatov.

  5. If he rooney wants to go just let him go United brought him over and made him into a great player just like ronaldo all ungrateful idiots only one bicycle to remember tour de france best place for you

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