Sir Alex Ferguson Retires From Manchester United: His Statement In Full

Ater 27 years in charge of the club, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has announced that he will retire at the end of this season.

Here’s what the most successful manager in English football history said in his statement:

“The decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about and one that I have not taken lightly. It is the right time. It was important to me to leave an organisation in the strongest possible shape and I believe I have done so. The quality of this league winning squad, and the balance of ages within it, bodes well for continued success at the highest level whilst the structure of the youth set-up will ensure that the long- term future of the club remains a bright one.

“Our training facilities are amongst the finest in global sport and our home Old Trafford is rightfully regarded as one of the leading venues in the world. Going forward, I am delighted to take on the roles of both director and ambassador for the club. With these activities, along with my many other interests, I am looking forward to the future. I must pay tribute to my family, their love and support has been essential. My wife Cathy has been the key figure throughout my career, providing a bedrock of both stability and encouragement. Words are not enough to express what this has meant to me.

“As for my players and staff, past and present, I would like to thank them all for a staggering level of professional conduct and dedication that has helped to deliver so many memorable triumphs. Without their contribution the history of this great club would not be as rich. In my early years, the backing of the board, and Sir Bobby Charlton in particular, gave me the confidence and time to build a football club, rather than just a football team.

“Over the past decade, the Glazer family have provided me with the platform to manage Manchester United to the best of my ability and I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with a talented and trustworthy Chief Executive in David Gill. I am truly grateful to all of them.

“To the fans, thank you. The support you have provided over the years has been truly humbling. It has been an honour and an enormous privilege to have had the opportunity to lead your club and I have treasured my time as manager of Manchester United.”

Ferguson has two games left as manager. The first is this Sunday against Swansea at Old Trafford, and his final one is on Sunday, May 19 away at West Bromwich Albion.

Reports are coming in that Manchester United will announce Ferguson’s successor in the next 48 hours. A successor has been approved by the board, and the world now awaits to find out who it’ll be.

What’s your reaction regarding Sir Alex Ferguson announcing his retirement? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

34 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson Retires From Manchester United: His Statement In Full”

  1. am very sad for sir alex decisions,although it is right thing for him to do,but as a fun of united,am sad and not sure of my team performance.
    but to all my fellow funs i hope josee would be more helpfull if he become our future manager…glory glory man united….

  2. What a legend. He is the biggest reason why I first fell in love with the EPL. I was really hoping to see him manage for at least couple more years. Will miss him dearly.

  3. As for a successor, I don’t think United would benefit from the circus that is Jose Mourinho. Moyes’s style is a much better fit.

    1. Not the Everton Scousers who will probably be losing their manager.

      The Anfield Scousers will be partying like the’ve won the title :-) .

  4. Tough almost impossible shoes to fill. I’d rather follow the man who follows SAF than be his direct replacement. Having said that though I hope his successor goes all Brian Clough at Leeds on them!

  5. Manchester United has shown a reputation that is worthy of emulation not only as a football club but as a management of high level of discipline. Sir Alex Ferguson is a clear evident of such. Sir Alex,you’re a gem to many generations.the whole world will miss you as a manager of High quality.

  6. It’s going to be an interesting last few weeks of the EPL. It’s sad to see such an amazing manager leaving the game, but it was going to happen at some point, might as well be at a time when he can leave with a win.

    Thought I’d point out that FOX Soccer News has really dropped the ball, again. Still discussing this news as a rumor. FOX Soccer Fail FTL.

    1. At least FOX Soccer News was discussing it. Sky Sports News last night completely ignored the rumor and didn’t mention one word about it (because it wasn’t their news, and they would have to credit The Daily Telegraph with the exclusive).

      The Gaffer

  7. As far as a successor goes? I wouldn’t mind seeing Moyes come in as manager and bring someone like Gary Neville as first team coach. Solskjaer is still very new to managing and United is probably a bit beyond him at this point. Mourinho might bring success, but it ALWAYS comes at a cost. Sir Alex has always put United first and if Mourinho comes in there is the chance of him doing his typical slash and burn after two or three years. This would not benefit United in the long term.

  8. With Ferguson still at the club as director Moyes makes sense as they would want someone that can work with Ferguson and accept advice and direction from him. Appointing someone like Mourinho might not be the best right now. Unlike Moyes he will want to change things quickly.

  9. WOW thought he would take one more swing at the CL crown.well done Sir you set the bar very high.

    I think Moyes is the choice the Jose circus is not for United.

  10. Personally I believe Moyes will be a disaster. He doesn’t strike me as someone with enough ambition to lead a Man Utd and their expectations. If the owners want to continue being the biggest club – financially – in the world they need an accomplished winner.

    I laugh when I read some of the comments above about Mourinho’s circus?? Has there been a more confrontational circus than Fergie’s? go and review some of his rants and quotes over the years.

    1. No one ever said he was a shrinking violet, but I’m willing to give SAF a little more credit than that. At least with Fergie “United”, “the team”, “us” has always been first. There is never any doubt about who or what is #1 in Jose’s mind. I’ll be shocked if the Board and SAF are ready to buy into that.

      1. There’s never been any doubt who or what is number one with Fergie. It’s called winning. Go and ask Jaap Stam or Van Nistleroy if it was about “us” or “the team”.

    2. THIS

      If Moyes were indeed SAF’s successor, I see a complete disaster.

      A reminder of how Moyes managed the last time Everton were in the UEFA Champions League (in 2005):

      – Everton lost to Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League 3rd qualifying round

      – Everton then promptly lost to Dinamo Bucharest in the UEFA Cup 1st Round

  11. Here’s one for you United fans. Benitez or Moyes? Benitez is also available on a free at the end of the season. Of course I’m aware that Ferguson won’t want Benitez but what if the United board went for Benitez. Would United fans react the same way as Chelsea fans have?

    I think it will be Moyes and Ferguson will provide a guiding hand to ensure the United way is preserved. United are about stability and Moyes offers that while Mourinho maybe the better manager but will not offer stability even if he may win more.

    1. Benitez isn’t a bad shout but there’s no way an ex-Liverpool manager is going to be the next United manager as long as Fergie is still at the club.

  12. According to Gus Johnson, Sir Alex’s mind was made up when he heard of the managerial vacancy at the Den.

    1. So the stories about Jose wanting to come back to London……..and here I thought I knew what was going on.

  13. My 78yr old father Collapsed when i broke the news to him, even till now he hasn’t been able to speak for nearly 6hours, i couldn’t stop crying when i first heard the news.
    The worst possible way to start a day, it’s truely devastating.

  14. Very interesting to note those absent from all the tributes to Sir Alex. Nothing from Beckham or Roy Keane. Nothing yet from Cantona although he will probably make some cryptic nonsense involving a trawler and some fish.

    1. Beckham was on Sky Sports earlier today giving praise. Nothing from Keano quite yet.

      The Gaffer

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