Rooney Wanted By Chelsea & Bayern Munich, Ronaldo May Return to Man United: The Nightly EPL

‘Tis the season for ridiculous transfer rumors. After we reported last night that The Mirror revealed that Bayern Munich are interested in signing Wayne RooneyThe Mirror came out tonight and said that Chelsea is interested, too, and that according to a reporter for The Independent, Rooney has asked Manchester United to let him leave.

On top of all that, The Daily Mail is reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo is interested in returning to Manchester United.

Sorry folks, but I’m not believing any of these stories at this point. But if you can convince me otherwise, I’m all ears.

What do you think? Let us know if you think the transfer stories are fact or fiction in the comments section below.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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9 thoughts on “Rooney Wanted By Chelsea & Bayern Munich, Ronaldo May Return to Man United: The Nightly EPL”

  1. If Ronaldo comes back to united this summer, that would be one hell of a house warming gift for Moyes!

  2. those are newz papers so they’ve to write anything to pul p’ples atention bt for ROONEY it may be true but its true he’s nt man enough to ask for man utd exist at the moment

  3. Does anyone keep track of the hit rate of various publications and writers? Watching from afar, The Mirror seems decidedly sketchy….almost like they just make stuff up.

  4. Just cannot see Rooney at Chelsea. Why would Guardiola want Rooney either? Rooney’s problem at United was SAF so now that he won’t be managing whywould he want to leave. Unless he doesn’t want to play for Moyes whom he played for at Everton when he was very young.

    1. He would probably want him to score goals. That’s all Rooney does as he isn’t any good for anything else and who needs a bunch of goals?

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