Wayne Rooney Says He Wants to Leave Man United For Bayern Munich, Says Report: The Nightly EPL

On the list of the most trustworthy British tabloid sources, The Mirror ranks near the bottom, only beaten out by the dredge of The Daily Express and The Daily Star, so when The Mirror runs a story saying that Wayne Rooney has confided with teammates that he wants to leave Manchester United for Bayern Munich, I don’t have much confidence that the article is correct.

In March, the British newspapers were conjuring up tales about Rooney wanting to leave United. And I don’t see this time being any different either. While Rooney is a talented footballer, I can’t see him fitting in with Bayern Munich. If he was going to leave, he could and should have left three years ago when City offered him a huge deal.

Anyway, why Bayern Munich? Are the tabloids mentioning that club because they’re the team du jour? It sounds like a loud of bollocks to me.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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20 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Says He Wants to Leave Man United For Bayern Munich, Says Report: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Right now you cold float any rumour that involves united and you might break the internet. United supporters are at DEFCON 2 after this evening’s rumours.


  2. The papers did this in 2011 didn’t they? Then again this year. And now tonight with Sir Alex and Rooney stories…

    I don’t believe any of it. Qatar Dream Football League all over again.

  3. I would sell his fat out of shape A$$ so fast it would make your head swing.Midfielder getting 250k a week i don’t thing so.he would not make the starting XI for BM he’s dreaming.don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. I’m sure this is just a silly rumor to generate traffic. I refuse to click the link and help the Mirror out. :)

      But, I agree….I’m not sure that Rooney gets into that starting XI with the system they play now (or may play under Pep) even when healthy (and I’m generally a Rooney fan).

      1. Dean
        i did not click on the link.i think rooney’s best days are behind him.did not take care of his body like he should have.big weight swings not good.

    1. Bayern is not just some “new” trendy team. They are the 3rd most successful team in European history, with 9 Champions League Final appearances and possibly a 5th title this May 25. Bayern is a HUGE team.

  4. I hope he goes he has shown his true colors this season. What he said in 2010 wont be forgotten. He is an ass. We sell him and buy a proper midfielder he is not worth 250,000 a week. He was abysmal against villa and west ham then he has the nerve to feel aggrieved not to play against Real. Wayne you are a poison to the team with your bad attitude and constant harrassing of team mates for bad passes yet you misplace the most passes second to giggs.

  5. Much like RVP has thrived under a new manager this season I think Rooney would do the same if SAF did call it a day.

    A fresh challenge is what he needs and working under a new manager with different ideas could be the spark he needs. A new manager coming in is unlikely to play him as a midfielder instead playing him in his best position which is a striker. He’s been poor at times this season and still scored 16 goals. Criticizing his play when he’s not a natural midfield player is pointless. Yeah he can fill In their in a emergency but its never going to be his best position.

    This is a big off season for Rooney as its essentially a contract year for him. If he comes back pre season out of shape it could be his last year at the club especially If SAF is still here next season.

    My guess is he will use all these rumors as motivation over the summer to get back to his best for the 2013/14 season then it all depends on who the manager is and where he’s played next year.

  6. He’s on the down slope of his career and MU would do well to get the max for him at this point. Plus, he never really meshed with RVP like he did with CR. It’s time for Shrek to move on.

  7. According to Gus Johnson, United will get one of Bayern’s up and coming German prodigies in part-exchange. The player is Risenfire.

  8. Someone tell Wazza he’s not good enough to play at Munich.

    Check that, he may be good enough to play, but he’s not a starter on that squad.

  9. Not even close to true plus Wazza ain’t impressed this season enough to warrant any attention from top clubs let alone the soon to be European Champions.

  10. Bayern are set at that position and even if they were looking to bring someone in I doubt Rooney would fit Pep’s vision.

    But I do think there is a chance he moves on. His star has dimmed a bit and I assume his price tag is not out of this world. There are probably 6-8 teams throughout Europe that might be a fit.

  11. I didn’t see Rooney staying at United during the prime of his career with Sir Alex as manager. If Fergie stays Rooney goes.

    Rooney wants to play week in week out, further up the pitch – Munich, with their energy, will be an almost perfect fit

  12. Disagree with Gaffer here. For dredge factor, I myself would go with (in order of wretchedness):

    1) Mirror
    2) Star
    3) Express

    The grannyshagger’s next paycheck after the rags will have “MLS” in the upper laft corner. Might take a few years, but that is where he eventually moves to. Anyone else who could conceivably pay him could easily get someone younger and better for the money.

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