Sunderland vs Stoke City, Premier League Gameweek 36: Open Thread

For the second week in a row, Monday features a battle to avoid relegation. Last Monday, it was the 6-1 thrashing by Aston Villa against Sunderland. Today, it’s Sunderland at home against Stoke City.

A win for Stoke and they’ll be safe in knowing that they’ll be in the Premier League next season. A win for Sunderland and they’ll be one big step closer to safety, but it won’t be guaranteed. So who wants to bet on the final score being a draw, then?

For viewers in the United States, the game will be shown live at 3pm ET on ESPN2 and

Sunderland starting XI: Mignolet, Colback, Rose, Cuellar, O’Shea (c), N’Diaye, Larsson, Gardner, Johnson, McClean, Graham.

Stoke City starting XI: Begovic, Shotton, Wilson, Huth, Shawcross (c), Whitehead, Adam, N’Zonzi, Walters, Crouch, Jerome.

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23 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Stoke City, Premier League Gameweek 36: Open Thread”

  1. Actually Stoke need to win to beat out Swansea on the table at season’s end. While Swansea are safe from relegation, they are merely 6 pts above 17th place Sunderland. Mid to low-table parity is obscene this year.

  2. A draw would suit me fine and I don’t think you’ll see Tony playing for anything else. Go for a win on the road? Not in his book. Only problem is then the match can go bad on one weird play, which is why Pulis has become expert at the “Things didn’t drop for us,” quote.

    Bigger match for Sunderland.

  3. Oh boy, I’d better not get too caught up in business matters while this is on. I might miss two or three going through.

    Hmmmm, two threatened clubs facing relegation. City can’t buy a damned result away at either. Who to root for?

    Let’s see, I do hate fascists, so points against SAFC for their coach. And Ian and Guy here always seem like decent guys….. Go Potters!

    1. He is just now getting more playing time. Hard to figure Tony’s thought pattern on that. Despite his defensive weakness I think we are a more dangerous team with him on the pitch.

      1. Talk about a rash challenge. It’s not like Charlie Adam is a threat to blow by someone.

        A very, very long road back for Sunderland…

  4. A nice start. Now I hope Tony doesn’t go into a prevent defense for 80 minutes.

    Whitehead with a card already. Surprise, surprise. Hope he makes it to halftime.

  5. Classic! I did step out of my office for a minute and actually missed a goal! I’ll just go immensely far out on a limb and guess that was off a set-piece of some sort.

  6. Marc L
    unless you were working on the demise of the Euro there is no excuse for not watching all 90+ minutes.

    1. Ha ha, demise of the Euro. You’re really not too far off there. I can’t cause it, but I definitely have to pay attention to it.

      90+ minutes tomorrow for sure! Hope it isn’t the snooze/suck-fest Saturday was.

  7. I think the bigger thing right now is the EPL award money. With competition being so tight, a team can see their award double or cut in half going from 10th to 17th. Stoke has every reason to fight hard for the last three matches of the season.

    Also the top half finish has eluded them for a while. I think the planets would need to align for Stoke City to go down now. I don’t even know if it is mathematically possible, based on the games and opponents the bottom half face.

  8. Red cards are going to doom Sunderland’s season. They can’t complain about that one. Horrible tackle.

    1. The language of The Oatcake is obviously permeating through to NC. I’ll take a point, I’m sure the Dying Swans will roll over for Wigan 😉

      1. Yes, I am infected. Even left my own little plot on the SCFC TV thread. Thought it quite good, given your suggestion about Forbrydelsen. 😉

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