Liverpool Don’t Want Europa League Place Via UEFA Fair Play League: The Nightly EPL

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says he doesn’t want his side to play in the Europa League as a result of the UEFA Fair Play League; Instead, the Northern Irishman wants Liverpool to qualify the old-fashioned way by earning it through their league position.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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11 thoughts on “Liverpool Don’t Want Europa League Place Via UEFA Fair Play League: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Shouldn’t a club be immediately disqualified from the Fair Play League when one of its players makes a meal of an opponent?

    1. Suarez seems like the Football version of Obama for News Comments.

      Can be completely unrelated, but they’ll bring him up.

      1. How is his boorish conduct on the pitch unrelated to a competition established to “promote positive behaviour?”

  2. I have asked my agent to have my name withdrawn from the nominees to be inducted into the Soccer Association’s Announcers Hall of Fame.

    I feel that it is too soon. I want to at least have the Champions League and FA Cup finals on my resume. After those games I feel the timing will be right and I would consider it an honor to be inducted.

  3. This is a joke…right? Brenden Rodgers, not Gus Johnson.

    First, this is all about the money to be made on Liverpool’s Asian tour versus the potential embarrassment of being beaten in Europe by some team from Iceland.

    Second, there is a small matter in the name of “Luis Suarez.”

    Even as hard as Michel Platini tries to make a mockery of UEFA, this would be over the line.

    1. “This” meaning Liverpool’s inclusion in Europe on the “Fair Play League.” They are fifth in the EPL! If they were first or second and didn’t have Suarez, it would be a different story.

      1. Liverpool aren’t fifth in any table. They’re 2nd in the fair play table and 7th in the EPL, they haven’t been above 6th all season.

        1. I made my statement based on the Guardian article, which states:

          “The highest-placed teams above Liverpool in the Premier League and its fair play index – Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United – are all likely to qualify for European competition through their league placings.”

          Perhaps, I am misunderstanding the statement.

  4. Is he referring to this season, or the next? I assume that he can’t possibly be talking about this season, since them qualifying for Europe via the EPL is impossible now.

    1. He’s referring to this season, in that he knows his team can’t qualify for the Europa League unless they win the Fair Play League, but he doesn’t want to enter the Europa League by the fair play route.

      You could say it’s a pep talk in the media to say that the club wants to do better next season and qualify for the Europa League (or Champions League) by having a much better position than this year.

      The Gaffer

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