Chelsea and José Mourinho Have Yet to Strike an Agreement Over Return: The Daily EPL

Chelsea and Jose Mourinho have yet to strike an agreement that would see the return of The Special One to Stamford Bridge. Even though major hints were dropped last night that Mourinho wants to return to the Premier League, stating that “I want to be where I love to be, where people love me to be,” no deal is yet in place, which opens the door for clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City to try to entice Mourinho to join their club instead.

The manipulative Mourinho is starting a behind-the-scenes bidding war for his managerial talents.

Chelsea are not expected to make a formal announcement on who’ll replace interim-manager Rafael Benitez until June, after Chelsea plays two friendlies in the United States in late May.

What do you think? Can you see Mourinho returning to Chelsea, and would he do as well with that club as he did during his previous reign? Or can you see Mourinho using Chelsea to get other clubs into a bidding war, and helping raise his salary to exorbitant numbers from a club other than the Blues? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Chelsea and José Mourinho Have Yet to Strike an Agreement Over Return: The Daily EPL”

  1. Playing on words maybe but not to announce availability and I don’t think he’d blast his own trumpet for financial gain, he hardly needs to; he knows he’s likely leaving and many many clubs out there would have him, do they share his ambition, are they capable to match his ambition on the field and in the market; these simple margins = what everyone has been saying coz it ain’t rocket science; only Chelsea, PSG or Man Cit.

  2. I’m sorry ITV that is not an excuse. Does ITV have a sports news progame similar to Sky Sports News or Sports Center? If they do then reporter could have continued to interview Jose and they could have shown the full interview on the news program.

      1. I mean if they let their reporter keep interviewing but not show it on TV they could have shown it on a Sports News program on TV or online.

        1. True, but it was live so it would have been tricky to do. Plus there were probably several other TV networks scheduled to interview Jose immediately after that one ended.

          The Gaffer

          1. All ITV had to do was cut away from the interview and show the commercial. Then air the rest of the interview afterwards. I’ve seen it done in this country several times. Neither the interviewer nor interviewee need know about it.

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