Gary Neville Explains What’s Gone Wrong at Newcastle United [VIDEO]

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville sat down tonight and explained to viewers why he thinks Newcastle United have fallen apart this season, saying that “The soul and identity has been ripped out of the club.”

In previous weeks when Neville has shared his wisdom, it’s been by analyzing replays of matches and pointing out things that are often overlooked. This time, though, he gets on the soap box and argues that there are two many foreign players at clubs like Newcastle United and Queens Park Rangers, which is one of the reasons why those clubs are failing.

While I often agree with Neville, this is one where I think he’s got it wrong. To me, it gets down to the manager and whether he’s able to prepare and lead his team, as well as communicating with them to ensure everyone is on the same page. Yes, there are obvious language barriers but all of the clubs have translators to help players make sure the messages get across.

If the manager does all of the above correctly, and gets his tactics spot on but the results are still poor, it’s either a case of the footballers not being good enough or they’re not trying hard enough.

In the case of Newcastle United, I believe it’s more down to Alan Pardew, not the foreign players.

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