DISH Network Agrees Deal With NBC Sports to Carry NBC Sports Live Extra: Great News For EPL Fans

Great news for soccer fans in the US. DISH Network has agreed a deal with NBC Sports to provide its subscribers with access to NBC Sports Live Extra.

That means that when the next Premier League season begins on August 17, 2013, DISH Network subscribers who subscribe to NBC Sports Network will have also have access to every single Premier League match shown live on the web, mobile and tablet devices via the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

No word yet whether DISH Network will have overflow channels available on TV to show many of the other Premier League Extra Time broadcasts.

While it’s excellent news for Premier League soccer fans who want access to 380 live games a year, DirecTV still hasn’t reached a deal with NBC Sports to provide NBC Sports Live Extra to its subscribers. Here’s information on how to demand your TV provider adds NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time.

Meanwhile, if you are a DISH Network subscriber, it wouldn’t hurt to contact DISH to tell them you want Premier League Extra Time, too.

Other than DISH Network, the TV providers who will provide their customers with access to NBC Sports Live Extra include Comcast xFinity TV, Mediacom, Optimum, Suddenlink, Grande and Verizon FIOS.

H/T to reader Dick Harmon for the news tip.

25 thoughts on “DISH Network Agrees Deal With NBC Sports to Carry NBC Sports Live Extra: Great News For EPL Fans”

  1. YES! I petitioned Dish for this last week and I’m glad they’ve come through (though it wasn’t just MY doing, lol).

    1. Can someone please help unconfuse me….lol. I have purchased the NBC sports pack with Dish. My games are on extra time is that going to be on TV or streaming only and if so what channel or how does the streaming work?

      1. Karen, read this thread at and

        Currently, DISH is not offering Premier League Extra Time, which means that you’ll get the majority of games via the channels you have, but not all of them. You should be able to see the ones you won’t get (because you don’t have Premier League Extra Time) via online via NBC Sports Live Extra. More info about that one is at

  2. So I get streaming? Cool. What was the extra tv channels package called? That’s the biggie for me personally. I’m not getting anything done around the house this fall as it is.

  3. Others will follow suit. This is good to see Dish getting onboard early. directv will follow. All in good time, all in good time.

    1. Just one thing… I wish NBC would remain one of these things. Extra Time and Live Extra?! Seriously could they not have helped rename them in a manner so not to confuse them too easily?

      1. NBC Sports Live Extra (app for web, mobile and tablet devices).


        Premier League Extra Time (overflow games).

        The Gaffer

  4. Is either DISH or UVERSE carrying Premier League Extra Time? Just contacted both and both said they hadn’t heard of it.

      1. “Premier League Extra Time. (Premier League Extra Time are NBC’s overflow channels that will show all of the games live on television that aren’t being shown live on the above mentioned networks).”

        what are these overflow channels could you name a few?
        i have twc HD package and preety much i get all the NBC /Universal channels.
        thanks for your help.

        1. The channels are called ‘Premier League Extra Time.’ No details have been announced yet regarding which TV providers will carry them. Stay tuned to As soon as we find out more info, we’ll publish a new article about it.

  5. Does NBC’s involvement in broadcasting the Premiership include direct feeds of English commentary, or will they insert idiotic American/canadian commentaters the way FSC has?

  6. I lose out on this deal. Was watching EPL on ESPN3 with watchespn. I have comcast basic tv service only but espnwatch still showed the games. Now I get nothing unless I buy a comcast digital package for 30/mth extra. So this sucks big time for me. I cant afford 30/mth.. so no football for me ..

    1. You can sign up for Comcast Cable’s Digital Starter Pack, which includes NBC Sports Network, for $34.99/month. That’ll give you 80+ channels. More info at

      Sorry to hear that you can’t afford it, but we used to pay $20-$25 per game on PPV in the 90s for English soccer. For the $34.99/month on Comcast, you get approximately 42 live games a month — both online and on TV.

  7. Can anyone confirm that they get Live Extra through Dish? I’ve been borrowing a friend’s login for Live Extra, but am trying to figure out whether to get TWC or Dish. I thought Dish was supposed to have Live Extra (but not Extra Time), however, when I look it up at, it doesn’t say the games are on Live Extra like it does for DirecTV or U-Verse. Anyone with Dish having trouble logging into Live Extra? Also, is there a map of what TWC regions do and do not get Extra Time? Thanks!

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