Liverpool Decide Against Appealing Luis Suarez 10-Match Ban; Player Sidelined Until Late September

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has decided not to appeal the 10-match suspension issued to him by an Independent Regulatory Committee commissioned by The FA.

There were concerns on late Thursday that Suarez may appeal, which would risk an even greater penalty. But Suarez decided not to appeal and now will serve a 10-match suspension with immediate effect that applies to Liverpool’s domestic first-team fixtures.

It means that the Uruguayan footballer will be out of action for Liverpool until late September.

Suarez received the 10-match suspension after biting Branislav Ivanovic in last Sunday’s match versus Chelsea.

Now that the punishment has been handed, do you think Luis Suarez will stay at Liverpool or will he try to move abroad since he feels victimized? And, with the 10-match suspension, how much of an impact is this going to have on Liverpool’s 2013-14 season without Suarez? Let us know in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Liverpool Decide Against Appealing Luis Suarez 10-Match Ban; Player Sidelined Until Late September”

  1. It won’t change anything next season. With the squad they currently have they are going to struggle to get back in the top 4.

    On the other hand this might just force the owners into spending some money to strengthen which is what they really need.

  2. The only way it would make a difference, is if he were to be sold in the summer. Over the past few years Liverpool have always started off slowly, so I don’t think he will be missed too much for the first few weeks of the season.

  3. This is going to take a big bite out of LFC’s early season points and they will probably dive into the lower half of the table. It will be interesting to see how well they handle his loss.

  4. 10 matches? OK, I have no problem with that, but a more suitable penalty would be a lifetime ban from matches versus Chelsea, the truly aggrieved party here.

    The 2 points dropped because Suarez was still on the pitch could potentially cost them a Champions League spot.

    The offended side rarely gets any benefit from these bans.

    I hope the BPL sees fit to Schedule Liverpool v Chelsea as one of the first 6 matches next season.

      1. Since it appears for once you actually read a comment, and since I’m guessing you may have actually achieved a rudimentary comprehension of what was written, I believe the answer to your question is zero.


  5. It’s probably a blessing in disguise. The fella could use the rest, plus this will force the manager and the club to deal now with a post-Suarez Liverpool that is inevitably coming within the next 2-3 years.

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