Are Everton Planning On Unveiling A New Club Crest? [PHOTOS]

Everton are reportedly in the process of unveiling a new club crest.

Everton have filed a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office in the United Kingdom (case UK00002656323) for a new team crest.

The alleged new crest, pictured below on the right, features several differences: A bolder blue color, the removal of the club’s motto (in Latin) and a simpler but more distinctive design.

The new crest has appeared in an official Everton flyer (pictured below).

Plus, a user on Reddit photoshopped the new crest to show what it looks like on Everton’s current home shirt:

If this is Everton’s proposed new club crest, what do you think of it? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Personally, I think it’s a step in the right direction. It’s less busy. I love the outline of the yellow shield, which makes the crest jump out more. And I love the simplicity of it.

H/T Reddit.

26 thoughts on “Are Everton Planning On Unveiling A New Club Crest? [PHOTOS]”

  1. Looks like a Police Department logo. (And I’m not having a go at you Evertonians here – it just does.)

    I like the current one, in fact, even if it is a little busy.

  2. As an Everton fan I despair. This is the sort of thing our incompetent board do regularly but it never get mentioned.


  3. I am conflicted about it, it seems less busy, but it also seems like something I could have drawn out in elementary school. Maybe if we could see it on a new kit instead of this seasons it would look better to me.

  4. The crest is ours, the fans!! Its not to be changed under any circumstances, especially not just to make it easier for Nike to produce. bring back Umbro Nike kit and new crest are crap

  5. I’d be interested to know why Everton decided that it needed a new crest and how this one was chosen.

    I believe clubs should not change their crest unless they have good reason to do so. It’s bad enough they change team colors and unifom designs regulaly, now we should expect changes in crests from time to time as well?

    Everton has a long and proud history and have used the same crest in that time.

  6. Not to keen on this, the current logo is fine. They just want to modernise their look, freshen things up. If they do update the logo it must be loads better then that anyway.

  7. that being said, the new one is pretty much the same, just cleaned up a bit. Latin mottos on crests are going the way of the dinosaur.

    And remember all the bellyaching when Arsenal “modernized” their crest? No one wants that old thing back.

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