NBC Announces Details of Premier League Coverage Plans for 2013-14

NBC was joined by Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore in New York City today to reveal ambitious plans to bring the Premier League into more US homes than ever before.

NBC executives unveiled their plans for EPL coverage, which include:

20 Premier League matches to be televised live on NBC’s free-to-air channel over the course of the 2013-14 season,

— Every single EPL match will be streamed for free via NBC Sports Live Extra, which is available online and on iPhone and Android devices with authenticated sign-on via participating TV providers (more on that later),

— Premier League matches will be shown live on television each gameweek with NBC Sports Network showing the Saturday 7:45am ET and 10am ET kickoffs as well as the Sunday early kickoff (typically 8:30am ET) and weekday matches. Telemundo will show 10am ET matches, while NBC free-to-air will feature the Saturday 12.30pm ET matches. Last but not least, NBC Sports Network will feature the Sunday 11am ET matches. All games will be shown live.

— As previously reported by EPL Talk, the team bringing you the games each week will include Rebecca Lowe, Arlo White, Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle. They’ll be joined by Gary Lineker, Graeme Le Saux and Lee Dixon. Lineker will host from the UK on occasion while White, Dixon and Le Saux will be on-site commentators.

NBC Sports is highlighting that its channel is in twice the number of homes than FOX Soccer. Plus all of the games will be streamed live if your TV provider has an agreement in place with NBC. Additionally some TV providers will have games available via alternate TV channels.

If your TV provider isn’t one of the ones listed below that has an agreement with NBC Sports Live Extra — Comcast xFinity TV, Verizon FIOS, Cablevision or Suddenlink — you’ll need to contact them to urge them to add it before the season starts in August.

113 thoughts on “NBC Announces Details of Premier League Coverage Plans for 2013-14”

  1. FFS, things are never available on every provider. RE: NBC Sports Live Extra

    Here comes another long battle, and I have no confidence DISH will come to an agreement with comcast/ge/whoever now owns this

    1. It may be time to leave DISH if they’re not going to satisfy your desire to access NBC Sports Live Extra.

      The Gaffer

  2. I really like the way NBCSN is headed. This is very forward thinking, which can’t be said for every network.

    That said, you have to work something out with the satellite providers.

  3. What a great package… Every game will be streamed…live! Love it!

    I can’t wait for their coverage!

    Lineker is a legend…I listened to LeSaux on talksport recently, articulate… Should be great! Not sure about Dixon, but he’s ex Farsenal so we will see.

    Love it so far tho….

    Congratulations NBC…

    Hey gaffer can you ask if they plan to carry any games in 3D ?

  4. Ugh. NBC Sports Live Extra is probably the worst streaming app that I have ever used. And will these games be available for on-demand viewing for several days like FoxSoccer2Go?

      1. That’s not good enough, though. DirecTV needs to add NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time in order to ensure that subscribers will be able to see all of the games live instead of only a handful each weekend.

        The Gaffer

  5. I’m excited by the list of commentators and announcers as I’ve always felt Fox Soccer Chennel has ignored the need for a “voice of soccer” in America. However, I’m worried that NBC will only broadcast one match at a time since there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent of Fox Soccer Plus. I understand I can watch matches on my iPad through NBCSLE, it’s not as convenient as the television.

    1. Telemundo is the equivalent to fox soccer plus as far as the 10am saturday game goes. Just hope the commentary is not in spanish.

      1. Actually Telemundo is better than FoxSoccerPlus in that it has to be in about 3 or 4 times as many homes…minimum.

    2. You could get an Apple TV and use Airplay to get it on the TV. The cost of that is cheaper than a few months of subscribing to Fox Soccer Plus or paying for Fox Soccer 2 Go.

  6. Fantastic that all games will be streamed live. But as a West Coaster, I hope they’ll also be available on delay. Also, for games not being broadcast by NBC’s lead team, will they use Sky/ESPNUK feeds?

  7. So, forgive my ignorance if I’m incorrect, but best I can tell, White is the only play-by-play commentator. If he’s on-site, he can only work a game a day – do we know if the other telecasts will feature the international commentary that we’re used to with FSC?

  8. This is what heaven looks like.

    I love that NBC is going all in on this because the network is suffering. This is going to be an amazing couple of years.

    I’m sure Directv will get its act together and add NBC Sports Live Extra.

  9. I currently subscribe to FoxSoccer2Go to watch EPL matches (most on demand) and I don not have cable. It looks like NBC will not have a similar subscription service and I will have to sign up for a cable package that includes NBC Sports Live Extra.

    1. I do not have cable (but I have Xfinity internet) and watched a couple of Olympic events on Sports Live Extra. Is that no longer possible? NBC will require extended cable subscriptions to watch something online?

      1. According to Comcast, we have to have cable service to watch NBC livestream. I just tried it because I thought it would since I can watch ESPN3, but no deal :(. Hope Directv does something with them.

  10. So no stand alone streaming package? Great now I can sit back and watch Comcast do battle with DirecTV and Dish over the streaming authorization. Not to mention the other major cable providers. There’s going to be a lot of angry EPL fans come August who were used to watching on their computers,phones or tablets. God I hate Comcast. Every major sports league in the US has a stand alone streaming subscription option( except the NFL which does what it wants and lemmings follow) so why not the EPL?

    1. You are correct. Comcast will try to screw over as many people as possible. This is not going to go well. I have never known a company to have as poor a reputation as they do, and that’s coming from their own back yard.

      1. Work took me away from Philly a few years ago so I know all about Comcast’s strong arm tactics. They’re a virtual monopoly there due to them not having to offer CSN Philly to Dish or Directv customers. Awful company, but I will say they’re giving the EPL the respect it deserves.

      2. No, Comcast are trying to get ahead of their competition. They want more subscribers. As a shareholder I’m happy they are turning the screw.

  11. Fantastic news. Can’t believe I get to watch every EPL game. Even better if they have them up for replay a day or two after the match.

  12. I only have Verizon DSL not FiOS. So it looks like I won’t be able to stream the games either :( Not sure why Verizon allows watchESPN for everyone but not the NBC Sports app ;/

  13. Gaffer,

    We need more information on this that I have taken from the NBC sports website.

    PREMIER LEAGUE EXTRA TIME: All games not aired on a designated NBCUniversal channel will be made available to distributors on Premier League Extra Time, a package of overflow television channels available at no extra cost for each of their customers who receives NBC Sports Network.

    What is this xtra time service? Is it like the NFL ticket on Directv where all the games are on the 700 series of channels?

        1. Yup, that’s the way I understand it. I would still contact your provider when we get closer to the season to double check that (they won’t tell you anything right now, you can count on that)

          1. Question is how many of the games will be shown in HD, I have comcast here in San Francisco and their HD options are limited even for pay channels like HBO and Showtime.

  14. If you’re a Comcast internet subscriber, but not a Comcast Cable TV subscriber, does that mean I’d be able to use NBC Sports Live? Right now I’m able to stream games via Espn3.com because I’m a comcast subscriber and I hope that same idea continues with NBC for those who don’t have cable tv. Can anyone help? I’m getting nervous! haha

    1. Good question, I have no interest in getting cable TV but would gladly pay for a standalone streaming service like foxsoccer2go, etc.

      1. NBC has no plans to offer paid option for streaming. All games are free and NBC Sports Live is offered free to TV providers who wish to offer it to their customers.

        The Gaffer

    2. I believe you have to be a Comcast Cable customer, but you may want to check with Comcast directly.

      From what I understand, if you get NBC Sports Network, then you’d be able to authenticate sign-on to watch games via streaming.

      The Gaffer

    3. I have Comcast Internet and DirecTV. As it stands now you need to have Comcast TV to access the NBC app. Having the internet isn’t enough.

  15. Gaffer’s article didn’t mention this: “Games not aired on a designated NBCUniversal channel will be made available to distributors via Premier League Extra Time, a package of overflow television channels available at no extra cost for each of their customers who receives NBC Sports Network”

    That is separate from NBC Sports Extra and appears like most would get the spill over channels. NBC Sports Extra are just for those who wish to watch online or via a phone or other device.

    Here’s the article: http://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2013/04/16/nbc-sports-groups-2013-14-premier-league-programming-plans/

  16. Arlo White on his time at NBC so far: “I am a better broadcaster than I was before joining.”

    He must have been horrific considering how terrible he is now!!

  17. NBC has always treated Sports in America and now Soccer the right way & making the EPL important like MLS, it’s a great win for the game here in the USA & England

    Whose the guy that kept on trolling at the former MLS Talk site abou being relegated from a Soccer Channel?

    HA HA HA HA HA HA! Well That soccer channel never cared that much and it’s committing suicide. NBC is the best.

  18. THIS is how you do it. And Comcast Cable is on board? Are you freaking kidding me – FANTASTIC!

    No more looking at the EPL Talk TV Schedule and seeing Fox Soccer Plus / 2GO next to a game and feeling let down.

  19. As to NBC Sports Extra – I would think that in the end, a huge percentage of the US will be in a position where you could at least have the option of signing up with a cable provider that does allow you to get it.

    That’s how I’ve handled things the past however many years. When I have moved I just found out which cable system offered Fox Soccer and hooked up with that one.

    But past that: the names “Rob Stone,” “Eric Wynalda,” and “Alexei Lalas” are conspicuously absent here. Very good news, this.

  20. So what does this mean for Direct TV users. I am guessing I can finally get rid of Fox Soccer Plus…. Are the NBC channels in the Sports Extra package I wonder? Saving me $ i Hope :)

    1. I think Fox Soccer Plus is probably going to be converted into the new Fox Sports 3/4/5, and from what I’ve hear Fox will run their streaming service in the same vain as ESPN, and apparently NBC.

  21. Currently, DirecTV is not on the providers list for NBC Sports Live Extra…thus, I do not believe that the extra channels would be provided…today.

    Hopefully, they will get a deal done and make the extra channels available similar to how they treat the Champions and Europa League games when there are multiple games on at the same time.

    It is probably a good idea to start contacting DirecTV now and letting your wishes known.

  22. Who will show the EPL Weekend Review show on Sunday night? I have no time to watch every game but watch that show religiously every week

    1. Games will be shown on TV but you’ll need to contact your AT&T to get them to add NBC Sports Live Extra option.

      The Gaffer

    1. Free? I currently pay less than $60 a month to watch the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue Un in HD. To be able to stream the EPL next season “for free”, I’ll need to dish out another $20+ a month.

  23. 20 premier league matches to be televised on NBC free-to-air? How many weeks in the EPL season, 38? How many games per week? WOW. How is this promising? How many games then on the other networks that require a tv contract? I am an internet household by choice and NBC, just like their predecessors, have no plan to bring content to someone like me who chooses for very good reasons to not enter into a cable contract and instead gets all content from the internet. It seems to me, for whatever reason, that the big media companies still have too much influence and that is why a “partner cable provider” is specified and required. None of them are forward thinking and embracing an internet model and none of them understand they can make even more money if they would choose an internet-friendly model.

    Meanwhile, people who do not have a cable bill (millions), but pay for highspeed internet (millions) will pirate content when the media conglomerates like Comcast continue with this model.

    I for one will use my antennae for the 20 games, use my xbox on the ESPN app for any game on ESPN3 equivalent and ArsenalTV so I do not miss the delayed viewing of all things Arsenal.

    This program is not an improvement, it is only an improvement if you have a sponsored cable bill.

    1. ESPN won’t be televising any of the games, so you won’t be able to watch them on an ESPN app. To be fair to NBC, they’re a TV company so their business model is based on TV, not cord cutters.

      The Gaffer

      1. That’s not an excuse. Comcast owns NBC and they are an internet company. Leveraging their current technology to stream the games in a proper package shouldn’t be hard.

        1. It shouldn’t be hard, but it’s not Comcast’s business model either. Comcast is not an Internet company although they do sell Internet as a service.

          The Gaffer

    2. Dear Todd,

      Watching the EPL on the weekends is a want not a need. Just like anything else you want in life you have to pay for it.

      Your Pal,

      1. Just about the stupidest thing I have ever read. Netflix and Hulu and even FOX Soccer 2Go are proof that people are ready to pay for an internet streaming package.

    3. What ISP do you use Todd? A group of close friends lived in both parts of a duplex last year, so they shelled out an aggregate of $60 a month on a higher end Comcast internet package, and they got a basic TV subscription for free which included NBC Sports Network. No Contract or anything like that, and they were offered an upgrade to HD for whatever the normal upgrade cost is (I’ve only ever had Directv or Time Warner, so the figure isn’t familiar to me). I’m fairly certain Time Warner Cable does something similar, too.

      1. I suspect that in Todd’s case, the issue is not paying money; it’s about giving money people who stuff you with a buffet of crap (channels) you don’t want and gouging you for them. Cable TV is like going to department store and having buy $300 worth of shoes just to get the one $55 pair you really want. on top of that, your cable bill funds political capital of big companies that seek to continuous maintain their stranglehold on media markets in the U.S.

  24. Very unfortunate that online subscription only possibility (as was the case with Fox2Go) is lost – seems like a real step backwards considering technologies & possibilities available.

    1. FOX Soccer 2Go shows an average of 4 live EPL games a weekend for $20/month. NBC Sports Live Extra will show all 10 games live for free.

      The Gaffer

      1. “Free” is a very relative term. The problem is you don’t just call up the Sat or Cable provider and ask for NBC Sports to be added to your package. In order to get it, it can cost significantly more than what someone is paying now. I could add FS2Go to my Sat bill and it’d still be cheaper than the cost of adding NBC Sports. So “for free” really is a crock.

        1. If you already get NBC Sports Network, then you’re all set. If you don’t and you have to pay $20/month extra on your TV provider bill to get it, I personally think it’s worth it. NBC is giving us 600+ hours of original EPL programming above and beyond the matches this season. That alone is worth the price of admission in my book.

          The Gaffer

            1. For those who already have NBC Sports Network and that TV provider has an agreement in place with NBC, NBC Sports Live Extra is provided at no extra charge.

              The Gaffer

            1. They could have easily charged for the Internet package on top of the TV package, but decided not to.

              The Gaffer

          1. I think the relevant question is, why should I have to pay $55/month to get something for free (NBC Sports Live Extra), instead of paying $20/month just for NBC Sports Live Extra? I’d rather save $500 than to pay it for cable TV that I don’t want. Also, I’d happily pay $240 for the only TV package I really want (and have time for).

            1. NBC Sports isn’t going to offer a stand-alone Internet streaming package.

              I’d rather pay less for a lot of things in life, but NBC Sports has spent $250 million on the US media rights to the Premier League, and they plan on trying to generate the revenue they need to as a business. In return, if our TV provider is on the same page, we get access to 100% of Premier League matches per season plus 600+ hours of original programming.

              The Gaffer

          2. Sorry Gaffer — I’m not sure why you’re defending NBC here. Of course they’re allowed to run their business as they see fit, given the $250 million they’re investing. But I was arguing that even at $20/month, I can’t imagine NBC wouldn’t make money offering a streaming only option, and earn new customers who may have dropped cable, or not want to pay a premium for a cable package that has NBC Sports Channel. So a decision not to have a streaming-only option looks like NBC is satisfied with leaving customers out of the marketplace. I personally see it as limiting coverage to the Premier League, not opening it.

            To put it another way: would you really say it’s a good deal to spend $500 or more (the typical cost for expanded basic cable or Dish/DirecTV) or more only for the Premier League, for the average consumer?

  25. One thing I have noticed is that no one has mentioned the 12:30pm kickoffs on NBC proper. There is no chance in hell they will show an EPL match at that time vs a Notre Dame home game that kicks off at noon.

    1. Great thought CT…only one problem…in 2012 exactly ONE game started before 3:30 PM ET and that was the season opener against Navy. The game was played in Dublin!!

      In addition, there was only one game in 2011 that started at 12:00 PM ET. And one in 2011 (plus a 12/31 bowl game).

      1. NBC and Notre Dame football are in bed with each other. I can guarantee that there will not be any scheduling conflicts.

    1. Not to mention NBC dictates when Notre Dame will be playing and not the other way around. In fact TV dictates the schedule for all of College Football on a week to week basis. Check game times for your favorite school. Most don’t have one past week 1 for this season because ESPN or Fox or whoever will be dictating when games are played.

      1. This is simply not true. Not to get into this on a Soccer blog, but game times for most schools are set in place at the beginning of the season. IF you check right now, 4-5 months before the first kickoff, then yes, the times are likely not yet set.

  26. Gaffer,
    just having found a love for all things soccer/football including the EPL this year this is great news. my one question is this. Who owns the F.A. Cup tv rights? Will fox show it on their new network? Thats the best athletic tournament in the world.

    1. Fox owns the FA Cup rights through the 2017/18 season. If Fox Soccer Channel disappears, I’m guessing the FA Cup will be shown on the new Fox Sports 1 channel.

        1. I just think the cup will get lost amid all the other sports that Fox will want to cover live if they truly want to compete with ESPN

  27. Gaffer,

    Do u know if NBC announcers or on screen graphics will run any other games with constant score updates like ESPN does now?

      1. Thanks, I hope they don’t as that would allow hard-core fans to watch every game like it’s live over the weekend/week.

        With ESPN, if they’re somehow showing a 10am eastern game I usually have to watch that one last because I know they’ll ruin the scores of every other game that either happened or is going on

    1. I’ve reversed my point of view on this in the past year. I hope they keep the bottom line off the broadcast, even though I’m not the type to DVR a match unless I know I won’t be able to see it live. Most saturdays I’ll be watching, and when I do I’ll have my iPad in hand tracking the other live matches regardless. Technology has gotten to a point where it’s very easy to stay informed on other matches via the web, so I hope they keep the bottom line away for fans like you who spend day s taking in every moment of a gameweek.

      1. Couldn’t agree more, tipping off other scores during a match should be a jailable offense. I tend to watch most games every week, just might not finish until Monday or Tuesday.

  28. I don’t do TV, just have always had the subscription to Foxsoccer.tv or foxsoccer2go as it is called now. It’s great because I am never able to watch live, usually watch games late at night when the kids go to bed – will NBC offer an On Demand online solution for fans like me? I fear the death of my premier league world coming and I am frightened.

    PS – Fox has gotten worse and worse, now coverage starts right at kick-off. No line-ups, no discussion, no background or league picture. Terrible. I will only be sad if I can’t watch the games on my schedule.


  29. Few people have Telemundo in HD.

    I’ve been trying to contact NBC for weeks about the composition and direction of their studio coverage of the EPL. anyone else trying?

  30. HI Gaffer. Now The EPL 2013/14 season is about to begin. Can I get ALL NVC;s EPL game live on TV and internet (when I travel)

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