The All-Time League Table for Soccer Clubs in England and Wales

Manchester United leads the all-time table of most successful league clubs in England and Wales, according to the boffins over at

The all-time league table includes all Football League and Premier League clubs from the beginning of time. The all-time table also takes into consideration points deductions.

While United at the top of the table isn’t surprising, there are so many interesting observations regarding the table such as Preston being the fourth best league side, Chelsea sitting in 24th position, Tottenham being in 37th position, and the host of smaller clubs in the top 20 including the likes of Bristol City, Notts County and Burnley, Sheffield United.

How did Preston North End achieve fourth spot? Part of the reasons was that they won the title in 1888-89 and 1889-90, and were runners-up in 1890-91, 1891-92, 1892-93, 1905-06, 1952-53 and 1957-58.

Take a look at the complete all-time table featuring 140 teams at

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