Manchester United In Advanced Negotiations to Sign Radamel Falcao: Transfer Rumors

Manchester United are in advanced negotiations to sign Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao, according to Spanish newspaper Marca.

The reported transfer fee for the Colombian is €55 million. Marca adds that Manchester United are willing to make a down payment to ensure they’re able to sign Falcao this summer.

FACT OR FICTION? While there’s no doubt that any football club would love to sign Falcao, it seems like newspaper speculation more than reality. United are already strong up front, but need strengthening in midfield in addition to defensive cover for their aging centre-halves.

Having said that, Sir Alex Ferguson desperately wants to win another UEFA Champions League trophy before he retires, and having someone like Falcao will significantly improve their attacking prowess even if and when Robin van Persie regains his form.

While I’d love to see Falcao in the Premier League, I think this transfer rumor is fiction. Marca is an unreliable source when it comes to sensationalist transfer gossip. And I don’t see the Glazers splashing £47 million for one footballer.

Other transfer rumors:

Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for £37 millionThe Guardian

FACT OR FICTION?: I’m still in the camp that thinks that Tottenham Hotspur will be unable to refuse ginormous transfer bids for their star winger/forward Gareth Bale. Every footballer and club have their asking price, and while Spurs supporters don’t want to see him go, they could buy several players just by selling one, to continue helping Tottenham progress in the league.

If this transfer rumor was closer to this summer, I’d say there’d be more validity to it. But  in this early stage with no one knowing what the future of manager Jose Mourinho really holds, I think this transfer gossip is premature. Fiction.

Michel Vorm to Barcelona?The Mirror

FACT OR FICTION?: Look up the term “dodgy goalkeeper” in the encyclopedia, and you might see a photo of Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes next to it. Barcelona is definitely in the hunt for a new goalkeeper for next season, and Swansea’s Michel Vorm is undoubtedly a talent. Plus, any club that would want to sign him could get him at a lower transfer fee than if he was playing at a top Premier League club.

There may be an interest by Barcelona, but I would be surprised if the club is looking at a goalkeeper who doesn’t have Champions League experience. Vorm has played for his national team, the Netherlands, but I think Barcelona may be looking elsewhere this summer. Fiction.

Andy Carroll to return to Liverpool?The Guardian

FACT OR FICTION?: No chance. The only way Andy Carroll would return to Liverpool is if West Ham didn’t want to extend the loan deal or didn’t want to turn the loan into a permanent signing. Brendan Rodgers is not interested in bringing Carroll back to Anfield. Fiction.

Chelsea closing in on Andre Schurrle The Mirror

FACT OR FICTION?: Out of all of the transfer rumors, this one is the most likely. Fact! Andre Schurrle would be a fine addition to Chelsea’s squad especially he’s so versatile and can play as either a forward or winger.

11 thoughts on “Manchester United In Advanced Negotiations to Sign Radamel Falcao: Transfer Rumors”

  1. I pray none of that comes true. Can we please make up some good Manchester City rumors? Neymar maybe? Falcao prefers sky blue over red?

  2. Why would Man Utd need him, I guess it might mean Rooney is going and it stops a rival buying him but I’d rather see that money spent on a decent pair of midfielders.

  3. I like this new fact or fiction. Personally, I would like to see a strong CDM arrive at Old Trafford this summer. We haven’t had one since Keane and Scholes is NOT the future. Carrick is also past his prime.

  4. Falcao: At 27, he’s a little on the wrong side of United’s “26 and under” policy. Yes, RVP was as well, but RVP was also a much more known commodity, spoke the language, and had proven his class in the EPL (not that Falcao isn’t good enough, but not every player’s style translates to every league), and was half the investment, before wages.

    But if he does come, it will likely be at the expense of Rooney, whom I predict has less than 2 years left in his United career. Just a gut feeling on that one, but Fergie has never been a fan of anyone thinking they’re better than the club. SAF has been putting Rooney through some humiliations lately, so their relationship appears to be at *the* (vs. another) crossroads.

    Vorm: Plays in a side that does a good poor man’s version of Barça, so he’d definitely be on their radar. While he doensn’t have CL experience, I have ono doubt Barça could “carry” him through the group stages, which is enough to get his feet wet. Besides, Valdes is leaving after next year, right? The year overlap would be good, if Vorm is willing to take a lesser short term role.

    Bale: I still think Bale would be found out in a more technical league. While not knowing a lot about him, the thin slice I get of Bale is that he probably won’t travel well. Expect a few Ian Rush-like quotes from the boy.

    Bale could very well leave Spurs (I’d call it a dead cert if they miss out on CL,) but I’d expect another English club to be the preferred destination.


  5. Goalkeepers are interesting. Most goalkeepers play on badish team that get to make a lot of saves and stay active. Being the goalkeeper for a top class team is different, you often spend most of the game with nothing to do but have to be awake when that moment comes.

    The difference is interesting, many “great” keepers can’t succeed at top clubs, it’s a mentality issue.

  6. fiction. Ferguson knows that what the squad lacks is in midfield and he’s still keeping an eye out for the perfect center back.

    Schuerrle is also fiction. who would over-pay for him given that he’s yet-unproven on the international level and in European competition? has skill and is quick, but has never led the forward line successfully during any stretch.

  7. Fergie may be trying to light a fire under Rooney so he gives his all for the remainder of the season. Fergie has a way of playing mind games with his own players and opponenets.

    If Falcao does come to United it will be at the expense of Rooney who might be sold to PSG. Otherwise, I don’t see united having RVP, Rooney and Falcao. They also have Chicarito and Welbeck.

  8. rooney nani anderson young and valencia all need to go i know it won’t happen but you need to clear out the deadwood.

  9. Falcao will come to United and Chicarito will go the other way. United will pay Athletico somewhere in the region of 25 million which is a very good deal.

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