Manchester United vs Manchester City, Premier League Gameweek 32: Open Thread

Local pride is on the line tonight when Manchester United battles Manchester City at Old Trafford.

In the last league match between the two sides, Manchester United beat Manchester City 3-2 at the Etihad Stadium with a stoppage-time goal from Robin van Persie. While that one victory did a lot to unsettle City’s confidence, Manchester City supporters will be hoping for revenge tonight by being able to beat their cross-town rivals on the hallowed turf at Old Trafford.

Before, during or after the match today, join in the conversation with soccer fans around the world in the comments section below.

Manchester United starting XI: De Gea, Rafael, Jones, Ferdinand, Evra, Welbeck, Giggs, Rooney, Carrick, Young, Van Persie.

Manchester City starting XI: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Y Toure, Barry, Tevez, Silva, Nasri, Milner.

Dzeko starts on the bench. Aguero is not 100% fit to start says Roberto Mancini.

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23 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Manchester City, Premier League Gameweek 32: Open Thread”

  1. Man Utd beating City is the desired outcome, it keeps city closer to us in the league, and it gets them fired up to destroy Chelski in the cup which would be good, Im fine with city winning the FA Cup.

    Then after beating Chelski in the cup after extra time and being completely exhausted they come to the lane looking forward to their FA Cup Final, complacent and vulnerable….

    Thats the hope anyways, thats what the universe karma train should do if there is any justice! united wallop them today and get them mad for Chelski!

  2. sorry Marc L i hope your side gets hammered.lets see how bob mankinis side will do backing up his words.United the hammer city the nail.

    1. Eh, no worries there. But cut Bob a little slack. I think his internal Italian to English translation process sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.

      1. Marc L
        because your a fan and not a fanatic i will give bob the lost in translation break.

        i know i will get thumbs down for this.if i was starting a side V Kompany would be my first pick he is someone you can plug in for ten or fifteen years.

  3. Gaffer, update your watch list. The match is also available on ESPN3 and the ESPN app on Xbox Live not just Watch ESPN.

  4. Attractive first half, really. Unfortunately I do suspect that the Ever-present of Interpol’s Sex Offender Registry will get loose at the end one of these counter-attacks at some point.

  5. well done City much the better side won the battle will lose the war.Marc L hope you enjoy your beverage of choice your side did you proud where was this side all season.

  6. Aguero scored a deserved winner. I’ll live with it as long as United can sew it up in the coming weeks.

    I really don’t understand the Giggs selection. He looked a step and a half slow all over the park.

  7. What a goal by Sergio, Seriously… Man Utd beaten at home… quite convincingly too.

    If city play like that V chelski, its over, they will walk to the FA cup final.

    what a goal

    1. Giggs in midfield. Young isnt a top level player. Beaten conviningly wen we hv an old fart in midfield and the talentless young starting over kagawa. If clevz had played different story. Hes far younger thn giggs yet he has more composure and doesnt give the ball away like giggs. Look at giggs passing % last year it was 75% for cm tht is terrible. Fergie needs to cut the sympathy get rid of scholes and giggs and promote Clevz or buy a CM.

  8. No complaints other SAF continuing to play ayers out of position. Giggs in midfield at this level is out of his depth. Poor substitutions from the manager but credit to Aguero on a great strike to win it.

  9. Old Whiskey Nose said he thought United were unlucky to lose. What game was he watching? City were definitely the better side and deserved to win.

    Of course this is all academic as United have the title sewn up. City are the better team but they only come to play in the big games. United are more consistent and so deserve to win the title. That’s what it’s all about, consistently getting results throughout the season.

    I cannot wait for Sunday’s FA Cup semifinal between City and Chelsea. Lots of skilled players on show. I hope Chelsea aren’t tired after their tip to Russia for Thursday’s Europa League quarter-finals. Advantage City but you can never tell.

    1. He is hoping they don’t let this win start a crumble, so he is publicly praising them. No way does he really think they were the better side.

      12 points in it, if they lost v CFC & Farsenal I’m sure they will begin to panic.

      I hoping Utd destroy both of them

  10. Aguero has that knack only the real great strikers have of waiting to shoot only when the time is right. Last night when he first picked up the ball how many strikers would have blasted it first time? He waited once, then twice before dispatching the ball at quite an acute angle. De Gea seemed to react a shade to slow for me. Perhaps the shot surprised him.

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