Rebecca Lowe Joins NBC Sports to Present Premier League Soccer to USA Beginning This August

Rebecca Lowe will join NBC Sports this summer to present the Premier League to US viewers, according to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated.

Lowe is the first publicly announced member of the NBC Sports team that will bring the Premier League into the homes of soccer fans nationwide beginning August, 2013 when NBC takes over the US media rights from FOX Soccer.

Lowe is a familiar face to many viewers in the United States. Since 2002, Lowe has worked in a variety of different roles for ESPN UK, Setanta Sports, BBC and for ESPN US, where she briefly presented the English Premier League to US viewers on Saturday mornings as well as playing a key role as a presenter for ESPN’s coverage of the 2012 FIFA World Cup. Lowe will leave her post at ESPN UK to take a full-time position with NBC Sports in their new studios in Stamford, Connecticut.

Additional announcements regarding NBC’s talent for their Premier League soccer coverage are expected to be revealed in the next few weeks. In the meantime, Lowe’s addition to NBC Sports is an excellent move. She’s well-versed in the game, an excellent communicator and a natural in front of the camera. She’s an authentic voice on the world’s most popular sports league, and will be a hit on US television.

“I will still call it football, I’ll still say a penalty not a PK, and a fullback and not an outside back,” said Lowe. “If I start trying to translate in my head, it could get messy. Having said that, living in America will no doubt rub off on me and I’m sure a few Americanisms may creep into my vocabulary over time. I certainly don’t want to use words or phrases that the U.S. fans don’t understand but I’m sure I’ll be told if no one knows what I’m meaning!”

“Rebecca has the perfect combination of soccer knowledge and perspective to lead our viewers through all the drama and excitement of Premier League,” said Pierre Moossa, Coordinating Producer, NBC Sports Group Soccer. “When we started the talent search, Rebecca was our top choice as host, and we are extremely fortunate to have her join our team”

What are your thoughts about Rebecca Lowe being named as a key member of NBC Sports’s Premier League coverage on US television? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

46 thoughts on “Rebecca Lowe Joins NBC Sports to Present Premier League Soccer to USA Beginning This August”

  1. I like her comment about how she’ll use some of the English phrases for things. I find the segment of American soccer fans who INSIST on calling everything by the special, American name to be kinda annoying. It’s like if you call your shoes “boots” they start screaming at you…. :)

  2. Rebecca Lowe will be fine as the lead studio host. That said I’m kinda disappointed that the studio show is going to be based in CT and not in the UK. The show could get better guests to drop in and give analysis much easier if the show was based in London compared to Stamford. I always felt that the coverage from FOX in LA felt way too distant from the league. Sure a plane ride from London to NYC is much closer than it is to LA but the show would have been better served being based in London which is the epicenter of the league.

  3. The main Americanism I hope she doesn’t pick up is “on frame”.

    I’m glad NBC got her I thought she did a good job during the Men’s and women’s world cups for ESPN.

  4. she has the style hope she can back it up with substance.wish it was based in London but i knew NBC would never do that just a lot of satellite interviews.the bar has not been set high for her to succeed.

    1. jtm I can tell you that she has the substance, we have to see where NBC let’s her take it. If they give her a relatively free hand she will be brilliant.

  5. Hmm this probably means Arlo will be their main pxp man…. I was hoping to continue with the current TWI announcers. Love Rebecca good choice.


      1. Yep… Also hearing rumours that John Strong is to be NBC’s new MLS commentator… This would definitely free up Arlo


  6. Great move!!! Finally a reason to watch an US based studio show. Rebecca Lowe puts to shame anything that Fox Soccer has to offer. She is very knowledgeable of the game and presents herself extremely well…not in a “I played the game, so I know” manner.

    Finally something tangible that shows NBC Sports intention. Of course, the selection of the match commentators is crucial to their success. Rebecca Lowe is a very positive first step…I can’t wait to hear more.

  7. Good choice. Guys, I’m a F1 fan and almost instantly anytime someone complained about something NBCSN was doing with the coverage it almost immediately got fixed. So I think we have nothing to fear and this is a solid first step in the right direction.

    1. Except for the (expletive deleted) F1 race commercial break-ins with no side-by-side!! Very irritating at 3AM…

      They have shown an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it attitude,” which I hope translates into using the current UK based commentators for the EPL.

  8. Good start. NBC needs to look at how ESPN covered the world cup and EPL and progress from there. Showing players lining up in tunnel, handshakes, good announcers all add to the presentation. No to any announcers who no little about football.
    Promote during NBC Sunday Night Football will help also!

  9. Trading David Beckham for Rebecca Lowe is a major win for the NBC Sports Network. Now, all they have to do is trade Arlo White to BT for some bangers and mash.

  10. I like Rebecca, she is knowledgeable, smart and will provide excellent commentary. She will be an excellent addition To NBC’s football coverage!! Good start NBC.

    By the way I too am available to work the sidelines if necessary :)

  11. This is great news… Congratulations Rebecca! also..NBC… Seriously..a GREAT move, Rebecca’s more recent work in the U.S on the world cup blew all other on air talent on ESPN away, smart, knowledgable, experienced. An excellent presenter and pundit, BPL upgrade for the US Market.

    Excited to see how NBC approach viewing games I hope it’s AnyTeam, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.

  12. It’s a good start by NBC. But let’s wait till we know all the people who will be involved before getting excited. The fact that Rebecca will be based in the US means there will be some/most American analysts involved. That’s the part that worries me. All it takes is one or two Lalas’s or Barton’s to ruin the whole thing.

    1. LOL… If they used either of those in particular, it would be a travesty, it could quite easily evoke a UN action or maybe even sanctions…

      You have to admit tho, that already NBC have upgraded the viewing experience, for example i will actually watch the the pre, post and half time, which means i will be exposed to whatever advertising they have which is what makes it all happen.

  13. I agree…Here is what she had to say in a Sports Illustrated article:

    “It is not for me to be opinionated,” Lowe said. “While of course I have opinions on football — it’s impossible not to if you love and care for the game — it is my job to draw the opinions out of our team of pundits. They are the ones who have played the game and know the intricacies inside out. It is for me to ask questions about why something happened or how it happened, not for me to comment”

    1. She is so likable, the fact she’s a palace fan increases that for me, she has love for the game and is loyal to her club, most palace fans are die hards, but i guess you have to be when your club has had the roller coaster ride that they have the last 20 years.

  14. Nice to have her. Does a credible job and with ESPN UK likely closing down glad she got a job.

    Lets differ judgment on the NBC presentations however until the whole crew is announced. One person that may seem bad if teamed with the right partner may work out. For that matter lets see what NBC does after the first year and they learn the ropes so to speak.

    I though Ian Darke and Macca( mostly Macca) where very rough at the start but their call of the matches have been very good as time wore on.

    1. I do agree with you on tempering our reaction to her appointment. I think that most of us are so happy because of the rough time we have had with fox and their numerous gaffes. The GJ one being the absolute worse to date.

  15. Great move, fantastic, brilliant, inspired selection, magnificent, good start, howzat?!, amazing, nice jugs, football not soccer, well done NBC,

  16. Does anyone have the email for the BT HR department? I would like to send in my CV. Since BT lost out on Becky maybe they want to have The American Voice of Soccer to do their British Primiere League games next year.

      1. CT, I agree with you. It may make me look like I am trying too hard to be a Brit. I was told by a trusted colleague that I should use CV to impress any potential contacts. Was I given bad information? Should I have stuck with résumé?

        Do you know anyone at BT? I really want to work Primere League games next year. I think that I am getting really good at calling soccer.

  17. In a word…..phwoar!

    Seriously, good start by NBC. Hopefully she works out better than Charlie Bingham did at ESPN.

    Now, if they can get Gary Richardson and maybe Tim Sherwood and it will be likes the good old Setanta days.

  18. Arlo was pathetic here in Seattle before he went to nbc. The local soccer moms loved him as their cuddly boy. He ate it up.

    Suggest he be placed on special assignment to cover North Korea’s world cup preparations and matches.

  19. I find it hard to understand why they wouldn’t base their studio show in London. When it is all up and running in August and the product on the air is strong maybe I won’t give it a second thought but it just seems there would better talent available over there to serve as panelists with her and more opportunity to have random guests drop by that aren’t going to be found in Stamford, Connecticut.

  20. As long as she doesn’t get paired with Michelle Beadle…sorry for that image. 😉

    Anyway, I also read a rumor that Ian Darke is in negotiations to do play-by-play for the 38 matches BT has contracted to show. Not saying anything is done but just to give people a heads-up. Not sure if that means he leaves ESPN, though.

  21. Can’t find Rebecca on Twitter and suspect she is not on. Has she ever commented on it and do we think NBC will have her create an account? I loved her on Setanta’s old Football Matters on Friday nights and I think she is going to be fantastic for the network. Can’t wait.

    1. I don’t believe she has a Twitter account. Too bad!

      She had some really interesting things to say about Football Matters, which I’ll share in an upcoming interview with her on EPL Talk.

      The Gaffer

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